Westford falls to Cambridge


John Vassiliou

WA players break after a quick meeting before the game.

John Vassiliou, Editor

On Wednesday May 15th, the WA Ghosts faced down with Cambridge Rindge & Latin at the Peter Arthur Diamond at WA. Though the Ghosts put up a tough fight, and despite initial successes, they were unable to get back ahead of Cambridge , making the final score 2-3.

The game started with ferocity from WA. After walking a player to first, senior Kindred Atwood quickly re-adjusted, and threw two runners out at first after having two ground balls hit to him, all while holding a runner on first. The top of the inning was over after Atwood struck out the next batter to retire the side without a score.

The beginning of the bottom of the first started off with a shaky start after a batter was thrown out at first after attempting a bunt down the first base line. However, the Ghosts kept up their game, and got a runner on 2nd after senior Tyler Guillemette, hit a line drive down left field that went out of play, automatically awarding him second base. Eventually, Atwood hit a lone drive to center field, bringing in Guillemette on an RBI. Cambridge quickly re-adjusted however, and the side was retired before WA could continue their drive.

WA maintained the lead until the third inning, when Cambridge managed to bring in two runs, bringing the score to 1-2. Cambridge further increased their score over WA when they managed to bring in another run in the fourth inning.

Things were beginning to shift in Cambridge’s favor, and in the 5th inning, with multiple runners on base and two outs, it was looking more likely that Cambridge would continue to bring in runs. However, after an excellent catch made by Guillemette in right-center field, the side was retired without Cambridge bringing in any more runs.

WA had managed to bring in another run in the bottom of the seventh inning after Guillemette hit a line drive deep into left field, bringing in junior Jason Fitzgerald on an RBI. By the last inning, the game was close, with WA only down by 1 run.

By the bottom of the last inning, the tension was so palpable you could have cut it with a knife. As WA took to the bag to hit, the rest of the team cheered on in encouragement. Despite a great start to the inning, where WA was able to get a double after a long hit deep into center field, the game quickly came to an end after two pop flies caused two outs, and the last batter for WA striking out at the bag, bringing the game to an end with a final score of 2-3 Cambridge.