Students speak out at abortion debate

Hannah Thomas and Anushka Patil

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On Tuesday, March 19, from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. in the lecture hall, a debate was held about the subject of abortions, if abortions are acceptable or if unacceptable. The speakers were Allison Wakefield, Conor Bellone, and Tassy Cimini, as well as some other people listening to the debate.

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  • “I found a study [by] a P.H. Dartmouth student. She and her team took the egg when it was almost fertilized and they put it into a dish. They found out that it was able to differentiate and [the egg] did not need a different environment than it usually gets to live in." -- Junior Tassy Cimini

  • “At twenty-three weeks, [the baby] does not need its mother to provide the nutrients from the amniotic [sac]. They have lungs and a fully functioning brain. They have limbs they can control. . . They are still able to perform basic processes that determines someone's alive such as breathing and blinking… It doesn’t need to be attached to a human in order to survive.” -- Junior Kavya Desikan

  • “I feel like it should not be frowned upon to put [the baby] up for adoption or to raise it. [The mother] just grew [the child] in her womb for nine months. I am sure there is a connection there. Then, to say they have to make the appropriate choice is wrong. If a mother can not take care of the child and chooses not to have an abortion, she should be able to put the baby up for adoption." -- Senior Julianne Lee

  • "Coming to the debate after watching a video of a woman who had an abortion and the child survives is eye opening. When the child gets told that the mother tried to get rid of the child as a baby, it hurt. [In] cases like that you have to stop and think. What is your view?” -- Sophomore Jaden Alexander

  • “Everything in your body is supposed to react to your system. My heart keeps beating whether I want it to or not. I am naturally breathing without effort. . . there is a time between Iife and death that the body keeps trying to keep going." -- Junior Conor Bellone

  • “If someone chooses to smoke and they get lung cancer, they are still entitled to still have health care. They still are allowed to have [chemotherapy]. The person is still allowed to see a doctor. Even though it is unhealthy they still have the right to have medical care. A mother should also have this right, even if her choice is to have an abortion." -- Senior Lauren McNally

  • “It is very expensive [to have a pregancy] and that is an issue. If someone wanted to get an abortion because the person can not afford to have a child, it is also a factor. If the person prefered an adoption over an abortion, since pregnancy is very expensive, the person should have the option. Doctor visits, hospital visits, and medicine visits are all very expensive. The person should have a choice.” -- Junior Meghna Vasiraju

  • “You have the egg and you have the sperm. They have all the characteristics of a life. I don’t really think they become a human until the twent-three week mark when it is viable. If you take it out of the womb, it would not live. Therefore, I don’t see why it is not okay to have an abortion before that point.” -- Junior Allison Wakefield

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