WA Girls’ Gymnastics wins with the highest score of the season

Divya Sambathkumar, Staff Writer

WA Girls’ Gymnastics won against Groton-Dunstable Regional and Acton-Boxborough on Wednesday, January 23rd at 3 P.M. The team achieved their highest score of the season, 138.3, beating their last meet’s score on January 15th by just three points. The girls performed strongly against the two teams in all the events.

The top two gymnasts of the meet were sophomore Kaitlin Murphy, whose highest score in the meet was 9.3 on the balance beam, and freshman Eleanor Cioffi, who got a high score of 9.4 on the beam. Stephanie Coburn, WA’s Girls’ Gymnastics coach, said they performed really well considering it’s midterm week.

“My two all-around gymnasts really came together today, especially during midterm week. They were very tired [but] they did awesome,” Coburn said.

WA’s first event was the uneven bars, the weakest event of all four with the scores ranging between 7.1 and 8.9. With a total of 5 participants for this event, Cioffi was the top scorer with an 8.9 followed by Murphy who got an 8.8.

Six girls participated in the beam event with Cioffi having the highest score of 9.4, again, followed by Murphy with a 9.3. Both gymnasts had a strong routine with a variety of skills shown and ended with clean landings.

The floor exercise was WA’s best event with the scores ranging from 7.6 all the way to 9.2. Cioffi and Murphy were again the top scorers of the event with a 9.2 and 9.0. The third highest scorer was Mina Kiefer with a score of 8.5. All six participants performed complex routines.

WA’s last event was the vault, with a total of 4 participants. Junior Jessica Gould was the top scorer with an 8.7 followed by sophomore Evelyn Miller with a score of 8.5. Both gymnasts performed strong half on half offs.

Westford Academy ended up winning by 4.4 points against Acton-Boxborough who got a total score of 133.9 and Groton-Dunstable Regional with a 130.8.

“We did amazing. We have our highest of the season so far by three-points from our last meet so, they did awesome today,” said Coach Coburn.