Opinion: Seniors would love a snow day

Mehul Shrivastava, Managing Editor

Last year, the school district experienced a whopping nine snow days, and as a result, the Distance Learning Program was put in place. Students had six extra days at the end of the year and received more work for three days they missed during the school year itself. Administration has decided that the same policy would be in place this year if needed, with five days at the end of the year to make up for the snow days, and any more would result in Distance Learning assignments.

Only one group of students was excluded from this, the senior class, who had their graduation set for June 1.

It is known that seniors do not have to make up any snow days. With the heavy snow last year, the Class of 2018 lived the dream of every senior class. Now the Class of 2019 is hoping for the same.

Nobody can control the weather, obviously, but I think it is fair to say we seniors are disappointed that we have had absolutely no snow until this long weekend, which does not benefit us.

Snow days are amazing for catching up on work, spending some time outside or  inside with family and friends, and just taking a break from the hectic school life in general. As seniors, we are almost at graduation and all we want is some down time from our 12 years of hard work. The only downside of snow days was having to make them up in the summer, until this year.

For a lot of problems we face as students, there is someone we can go to – administration, student council, a teacher – who can do something about it. However, for snow days, there is no one who can actually do anything about it.

We cannot make a snow storm happen, so, as a senior I can say that all we can do is hope that February and March bring some snow storms that December and January did not bring. Now that midterms are about to end, it is just a mad dash until fourth quarter for seniors, and the perfect time to get some snow.