Students comment on Distance Learning experience

Varshini Ramanthan, Co-Managing Editor

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After ten school days this winter pushed the school year into the last week of June, Westford Public Schools instituted a Distance Learning program that would have students complete three days’ worth of work at home, letting school end by the third week of June. At the high-school level, each class was supposed to assign thirty minutes’ worth of work, and students had two weeks to complete each set. This is what students thought about the program:

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  • Junior Erin Fletcher: "I thought it was a really good solution because it made it so that we weren't going to be staying super late into the year, [...] if you didn't leave it all until the last minute, you were fine. I did one per day for the week leading up to the due date and it was just like homework. [...] my brother [in 4th grade] had to build a model of Roald Dahl's writing room, and it was really good and he really had a lot of fun, so I think it was useful for the younger students as well as students at Westford Academy to make up snow days without going way late into the summer."

  • Sophomore Shivangi Rangan: "I thought, most of the time, it was mostly -- instead of legitimate learning, it was more busy work, where I would be working on something that didn't have much to relate to what we were learning in class. I think it could be beneficial if teachers gave something that pertained more to exactly what we were learning in class [...] my chemistry teacher gave us a suggested timeframe for when we should do [the assignments], which would pertain to what we were doing in class at the time, which was helpful."

  • Sophomore Anna Roetzer: "I thought that it was good from some teachers because we got to explore the course material in an environment that was more outside of the classroom, but then sometimes it was just notes that we would not have needed otherwise. It had its positive sides and its negative sides [...] sometimes, because it was outside of the classroom and a little freer, it took a little longer than thirty minutes to write a mini-essay, say, or something along those lines."

  • Freshman Amelia Jengo: "I thought they were really short, that it would be shorter than making up a whole school day in June. So that was nice. [...] I thought it was fine, mostly."

  • Freshman Erin Blaszak: "I thought it was okay [...] some of them were very long, they took longer than thirty minutes, [but] some of them were not. Overall, I thought it was an okay idea, but not great."

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