Kravetz leaves on a positive note

By Aishwarya Vishwanath
Staff Writer

It’s goodbye to tangents, trapezoids, and transversals for math teacher Ken Kravetz as he retires this June after a 35-year long teaching career.

Kravetz has taught classes in all subjects in mathematics taught at Westford Academy. He has taught at Shawsheen Tech as well as WA.

Over the years, people have asked him whether he feels bored teaching the same topics over and over again. Kravetz’s answer remains the same, though: he enjoys his students and hearing what they have to say. He continues teaching the same subjects because each year, a new group of students enter his class.

Kravetz’s favorite aspect of WA is the people in it, especially their respectful and professional nature.

After retirement, Kravetz is looking forward to not working in September. Also, he is looking forward to the birth of his first grandson this July. Finally, Kravetz may work part time in New Hampshire.

Kravetz advises the Class of 2009 to be optimistic and think positively.

He says, “The people who are positive, are the happiest. It is important to be positive.”