AB upsets WA Boys’ Volleyball


Mahi Kandage

Boys’ Volleyball loses to AB

Mahi Kandage, Sports Editor

On Wednesday, April 11, the Acton-Boxborough Colonials managed to defeat the Grey Ghost Boys’ Volleyball team in a dramatic game that lasted five sets and lasted for over two hours. The score was tied 2-2, but AB managed to dominate the fifth set, clinching the victory.

The first set projected a completely different view of the game than the final scoreboard did. WA appeared to be strong, confident, and energetic. They dominated early on, scoring ten consecutive points. However, the tide turned as AB returned from a time-out and won the next four points.

After some powerful strikes by number 21 on AB, WA began to struggle, slowly conceding points as the score began 22-19. The crowd, consisting mostly of seniors and parents, showed no end of school spirit, cheering for the team. With the score so close nearing the end of the set, senior Andrew Tierney’s spike won an additional point. Though it was not a runaway by any means, WA came away from the first set with a win.

WA began the second set winning the first three points, but AB soon began to catch up. The beginning of the second set closely resembled the end of the first. As opposed to the first set, WA scored the first point after a time out. Cheered on by the crowd, WA held on to a slim lead, until AB finally caught up, leaving the score tied at 19-19. After a few decisive plays, the Colonials began to pull ahead, eventually winning the set by 5 points.

The third set began poorly for WA, as AB took the first three points, and held on to a small lead. A spike by Andrew Tierney and a dive by senior Cameron Tierney left the score at 10-10 before the teams adjourned to a time-out. WA kept up a one-point lead, which was soon retaken by AB. The scores for the teams were neck and neck heading into the final points of the set. After a time-out to build even more suspense, the fans erupted into cheers as WA won the third set 25-23.

With the game score at 2-1 for WA, the Ghosts started strong in the fourth set, with AB catching up, but then again falling behind. Though WA held the lead, the score became 13-13, and by the 38th play of the set, AB had pulled ahead by two points. A couple of powerful spikes by Andrew Tierney were not enough to prevent AB from winning the fourth set 25-21.

After four long sets, a fifth had to be played to fifteen points to decide the victor. AB clinched the first point, but Westford took the next after a long rally, but AB started to pull away with the lead. The Westford players seemed lethargic compared to the energetic AB players, who were spurred on by their lead. Tensions were running high in the WA fan section, but after the clean up of a small water spill, AB won the set easily, with a score of 15.