It’s ok to say Trump did something good

Andrew Friel, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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Throughout his year in office, President Donald Trump has used Twitter in a variety of ways in order to show support for causes and people he feels purports his administration’s agenda. He uses Twitter to vent, to make jokes, and to even threaten and harass other nations. This is one of the few things holding him back as a respected president.

However, Trump recently used Twitter in an extremely positive way when it came to addressing the recent anti-government protests in Iran. He tweeted is support of these protests and gains the oppressive regime that runs the Middle Eastern power.

Before and after these tweets were issued, Trump acted both immature and somewhat dangerous on Twitter. However, one should not overlook the different tone in this and other tweets related to the protests in Iran just because of other poor behavior at other times.

Trump is the leader of the free world, and with this job comes the responsibility of advocating for freedom, democracy, and human rights. With these tweets in support of the protests, he did more than just recognize the protesters and support the cause, but he also noted that the U.S is taking note and will involve themselves if any more atrocities occur.

These tweets represent the leadership that many on both sides of the aisle have been begging for since the Obama administration, and now we all need to recognize when these instances come about. Regardless of what you think of Trump’s politics, many of these tweets have been admirable on this topic.

Frankly, these are not the first ever positive tweets by President Trump. When talking about the need for voter ID laws, Trump took a fairly calm tone and brough the debate back to light in this country.

The mature thing to do when speaking about politics is having the ability to realize when a political opponent has done something well, and mention this to those on both sides of the spectrum so that we can learn to respect the other side when applicable.

The problem in American politics today is that most people have no ability to see the other side of the aisle as a positive force for change sometimes, but rather they always view them as the enemy regardless of their actions. These tweets by President Trump are a good look for the country and should have been praised in a more widespread manner by all parties in this country.

He’s not always the best, but it’s ok to say when he actually does something right.