Girls’ Volleyball sweeps Dracut


The Girls’ Volleyball team’s spongebob spirit day for the game against Dracut.

Kai-Lou Yue, Editor-In-Chief

Winning three sets in a row, WA Girls’ Varsity Volleyball beat Dracut High School 3-0 on Thursday, September 24th, in a riveting game that left the audience cheering after every point.

Yielding their fourth consecutive win this season, the team again started off strong. Around the half-way point of the set, their points more than doubled Dracut’s with a score of 14-6. The set finished with a score of total score of  25-12.

The two teams were evenly matched in the second set, with one rarely getting more than a few points ahead at any time. During the few points leading up to 25, WA pulled ahead with a narrow lead and won 25-22.

In past games, the team has typically had weaker second set compared to their first, but has been working to improve on that.

“[The team] communicate[s] a lot better, has good chemistry, and [now] they’re just working on hitting a little better,” said Brandon Eang, the team’s coach.

Similar to the first set, the team pulled ahead of Dracut by a large margin in the third set. About half-way through, they were already ahead 14-4, and soon won the set 25-13.

Overall, the team played hard and according to Graziani, this is the best the team has played in a while.

“Our covering has improved so much, and we’ve been working on it a lot in practice. […] Nothing is more exciting than seeing all your hard work pay off,” said Co-Captain Emily Graziani.

With only six more games to go until the start of Girls’ Volleyball Team’s tournament season, this win was essential.

“I think we played amazing; they were a tough team with a similar record to us. For us to get this win was clutch,” said Co-Captain Catherine Grondine.

See below for a photo gallery of the game.