Alternatives to P.E testing

John Devereaux

WABC Liaison


As a Senior in High School, I have taken many tests during my tenure in gym. I’ve taken gym every year, and there was not an instance where I took my time or stopped what I was doing to study for these tests.

About every two or three weeks the activity in Gym class will be changed into another activity. Before switching into the next activity every student no matter their grades have to take a small test.

“The P.E test don’t benefit us at all, not positively or negatively. Most people don’t actually study for them and they’re a waste of our physical activity time.” Said Senior Veronica Fernandez

The Switch Day takes up the whole block, including having it during a long block. Having experienced the switch Day during a long block, students would fly by their test, most of which not caring on the grade they’ll receive. After the students are done with the test, they will proceed with picking their next activity.

“There’s no point, it’s a waste of time I’d rather spend more time with the activity” Said Senior Lewis Mariano

During a regularly timed block, students would have about 10 minutes of time left over. If a student had it long block they would have about 25 minutes left to spear. The gym teachers would then proceed to roll out the basketball cart and tell students that they were allowed to shoot around.

During the spear time that the students get they tend to sit where they originally were after the test. They would either talk amongst themselves, study for their next test and some even find some time to go to guidance or a teacher.

I think that switch days shouldn’t have tests, in fact I don’t think we need the testing. I don’t mind the Final they hand out to see what we learned, but cutting into our activity time for a whole block to take a 10 question test isn’t helping students get active.

Some possible alternatives that might suit both the Physical Education teachers and the students are doing demonstrations in their activity. For example if you were in the activity of floor hockey, and the teacher taught the class of proper stick handling, then the test should be on to handle the stick.

“There’s no point, it’s a waste of time i’d rather spend more time with the activity” Said Senior Lewis Mariano

Another alternative is that they teach all the units in health class, so that students in their freshman year will learn it and take a test then. This is provide every student with the knowledge because every student has to take freshman health, and it creates more time in gym class. It also doesn’t get repetitive with the students who’ve taken the tests all four years.

If they take away the switch day tests, and only have those who don’t have a 90 or above no matter the grade take the Final then many students wouldn’t be complaining and would have more time with their activity that they have chosen.