Mrs. Dowd continues to step in

Mrs. Dowd in the English hallway

By Doug Boyle and Craig Brinkerhoff
Staff Writers

Rosemary Dowd is new to the English department this year. She will be in for Mrs. Hart while she is on maternity leave all year.

Q: What subjects/grade level are you teaching?

A: I am teaching English ninth and tenth grade. For ninth grade I have both Honors and CP classes, but for the tenth grade just CP.

Q:  Any classes you are interested in teaching in the future?

A: I like working with freshmen and sophomores, so I think for the time being I would rather stay with them. I know that curriculum better.

Q:  What made you want to work at Westford Academy?

A: A few things.  I taught for a long time at another school and I live about ten minutes from Westford Academy. Also, I grew up in Chelmsford so I know the reputation of the school and that it would be a good place to work. I’m also very good friends with somebody in the English department this year so that made it very enticing to work here.

Q: Where was your past teaching job?

A: I taught at Triton Regional; it is a regional school for Sailsbury, Newbury and Rowley. I’ve also stayed home with my children for the past two years.

Q: Why and when did you decide to become a teacher?

A: A very long time ago, when I first graduated from college. I was an English major, then a Sports Information Director for two years in Pennsylvania. When I was doing that job as an intern, I knew I wanted to do something that dealt with people more and felt like it made more of an impact. I went back and got my Masters, in around 1996, and then I started teaching right after. I taught at a private school in New Hampshire for two years and then at Triton for around eleven years.

Q: Was the high school level your first choice?

A: Yes, absolutely.

Q: Have you ever considered middle or elementary?

A: I’ve always been most interested in high school although I am certified to teach middle school as well. From my student teacher experiences, being a substitute teacher, and after getting my Masters I knew that I would prefer to work with high school students. I think with literature and writing you can do a lot more at the high school level.

Q: What teachers have helped you as you started the school year?

A: I knew Mrs. Keirstead before teaching at Westford; she’s a good friend of mine. I also filled in for Mrs. Oelerich when she left for maternity leave last spring. I was able to get a lot of help from the entire English Department during that time, especially from my mentor, Mrs. Ingerslev. I also had a lot of help from Mr. Bramanti.

Q: Have you considered any other career?

A: I considered a job as a Sports Information Director but I became very bored with the career and was looking for something that dealt with people more.

Q: What goals do you have for your classroom this year?

A: Personally, I would like to incorporate more technology into the classroom. The technology has changed a lot since I got my Masters and I would like to improve my use of it.