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By Alexander Lee
News Editor

Though our student body mainly focuses on football, basketball and baseball championships, the golf team was arguably the most successful sports team of 2010-2011. They quietly posted the best record in the DCL this year and were also DCL champions.

No player deserves more credit for their victory than team MVP, Lance Luther. Over his freshman and sophomore years, Luther had shown great potential in golf, but this year as a junior his game really came together and led the golf team to the DCL championship.

However, Luther had not always been so adept at golf. He says that the first time he handled a club was when he was twelve or thirteen. At the time, he was vacationing with his family and his hotel stay included a free 18-hole round at a local country club.

Luther wasn’t a prodigy the first time he played. He says that he and his family were “terrible” and that they “had no idea what we were doing”.

However, amidst the rather unremarkable performance, Luther says that he discovered his true passion for golf in these free eighteen holes.

“I do remember one shot I had that day; it was a long par three I took out what I think was a three wood. I absolutely killed that shot, it was awesome to see that ball fly through the air for so long. After that one swing I was hooked to the game. I wanted every one of my shots to be just like that one, to fly forever and get close to the pin. So, ever since then I have dedicated myself to become as great as I can,” he said.

Luther has truly lived up to his word. He practices at Butterbrook Country Club every Tuesday and Thursday. He focuses mainly on chipping and putting but also works on the driving range for at least two hours. He works diligently, trying to improve his golf game with every stroke.

With his leadership, Luther hopes to lead next year’s golf team to another championship. Though the team will be drastically different in 2011-2012, given the fact that nine of sixteen members are graduating,
Luther promises more success.

“I still feel that every team in the DCL will look at their schedule next year, see when they are playing WA and dread having that match with the ghosts. There is a reason why WA golf is one of the most winning sports at the academy, and I guarantee next year’s team will not disappoint,” he says.

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