Lampert to leave WA after nine years to look after newborn


Saanvi Arora

Lampert smiles in front of her student’s artwork.

Saanvi Arora, Co-News Editor

The art classrooms are known for being a relaxing space for students to express themselves and grow as artists, and art teacher Kelly Lampert has been a guiding force in creating this environment for students. However, after working at WA for nine years, Lampert will not be returning this fall and instead, stay at home with her newborn daughter and work on her artwork.

Lampert has had an interest in art from an early age. As an alumna of WPS, she has been taking art classes ever since her time at Robinson. It was only after taking several art courses at WA that she decided to apply to an art school, which ended up being Syracuse University’s School of Art. Lampert ended up getting a Masters and Bachelors degree in Art Education. 

“I knew I liked the predictable routine that you can get from school. And I’ve always loved working with kids,” Lampert said. “And it just fit together perfectly to be an art teacher.”

The decision for Lampert’s leave was a bittersweet one. She expresses how much she loves working at WA, however, Lampert believes that if she does not stay home, she will miss her daughter.

Ever since high school, Lampert has done a few commissioned pieces a year, selling them to friends, family, or anyone that has heard of her. She also wants to enter more local art shows or fairs whenever she can, and believes that the art community is really fun to be a part of. 

“I’m hoping to update my website, social media, all of that to kind of get cranking on my own art career,” Lampert said. 

Fellow art teacher Lisa Bolotte was Lampert’s teacher when she attended WA, and has now become a dear friend. While she is sad that Lampert is leaving, Bolotte expresses her excitement for this new chapter in her life.

“I think it’s wonderful that she’s going to have time to be with her daughter and just be there for those moments,” art teacher Lisa Bolotte said. “I’m also happy that she will have time to work in her studio on her own artwork, because sometimes that can be put on the backburner when you’re teaching full time.”

One of Lampert’s favorite memories from her time at WA was creating the K-12 art show and working with seniors and other art teachers to make it what it has become. Even though it is a lot of work, Lampert believes that it is an amazing night to celebrate the arts, both visual and performing. 

“It was nice to put my efforts to almost give a gift back to the community I grew up in,” Lampert said. “And now, the community I work in.”

Lampert will be missed by many students and faculty at WA, such as junior Maia Gosselin who took Foundations of Art, along with Advanced Art Honors with Lampert. 

“[Mrs. Lampert is] just a genuinely nice person, so I’ll definitely miss seeing her in the hallways and in class and getting to talk to her,” Gosselin said. “She offers amazing advice to me and my classmates about our projects and has a great eye for ways to improve any piece.”

Lampert is excited for what the future holds, and to take inspiration from the students she has worked with this past year. She reminisces of all the good times she has had at WA, and will miss the great community. 

“When I finished high school, I was like ‘bye WA, I’m moving on,’ but I’m so glad I came back,” Lampert said. “And if I ever decided to come back to teaching when my daughter is a little bit older, I definitely would come back and look and see if Westford had any openings.”