Music department brings back WA Talent Show for 2023


Deepa Gautam

The WA Talent Show will take place on March 10th in the Performing Arts Center.

Deepa Gautam, Features Editor

After a three year hiatus, WA’s music department will be bringing back the school’s annual talent show on Friday, March 10 at 7 p.m. The showcase will bring the Westford community together to watch a variety of student-centered performances including singing, dancing, instrumental acts in the Performing Arts Center (PAC). Tickets will be $10 and available to buy at the door.

This year’s show will remove the competitive structure that many of WA’s past talent shows had taken on. With no winners, this show will more closely resemble a showcase of students and teachers sharing their special skills. According to music department teachers and event organizers Karen St. George and Adam Shekleton, the pair came together hoping to reintroduce the event after it was left on hold due to the pandemic.

“Being back after [four] years off is really going to make this special, but I think students will also just enjoy seeing their peers up on stage,” St. George said. “And the ones that are up on stage will enjoy showing their peers that this is what they really love to do outside of school. [In this way] this kind of event is very enriching for all of us.”

Taking on the role of emcees for the show will be seniors Roman Munichiello and Jill St. George. With this position, the pair hopes to take advantage of their own performance art skills to engage with the audience and create an unforgettable experience.

“We have many ideas on how to bring some energy and some flair to the night with this emceeing position,” Munichiello said. “I can’t quite say what we’ve got in store but there’s going to be lots of fun stuff going on and a possible music number to kind of kick off the event. But I can assure you it is going to be filled with lots of fun and lots of energy.”

As for the performances themselves, Karen St. George and Shekleton are welcoming a wide variety of exciting acts, ranging from student singing and dancing to a fun teacher performance by German teacher Tim Welch.

In order to coordinate every performance, participating students and teachers have spent countless hours throughout the auditioning and dress rehearsal process practicing their skills. Having this platform to share their unique strengths, especially after the restrictions of the pandemic, is something many of the performers are excited to take advantage of.

“I’ve been singing and playing piano basically my entire life, and I love it,” senior Julia Donescu said. “I’m super excited for this because I remember wanting to do the talent show freshman year but it never happened because of COVID.”

For others, such as senior Charlotte Ryan, who is planning to sing “Yes to Heaven” by Lana Del Rey, the show has been an opportunity to branch out and attempt a new experience.

“I heard a lot about it when my older sister was in high school and I always thought ‘I’m gonna want to do that’ but it’s a little out of my comfort zone,” Ryan said. “I figured, I’m gonna regret it if I don’t take these opportunities. So, even though I am still nervous to do something like this, I’m excited to try it out and see the other acts as well.”

Ultimately, for Shekleton and St. George the hope is to incorporate this fun annual tradition back into the school year and let the community feel more connected with the student body’s unique strengths.

“I think being able to see the talents of the individual students and see what it is that they do with their free time. It’s just such a fulfilling experience,” St. George said. “It will be a really energetic and fun event for the wider Westford community.”

The official flyer for the 2023 Talent Show. Provided by: WA Music Department