Districtwide Art Show is back at WA

Mackenzie Adam, Staff Writer

After three years of Covid-19 three seniors, Alyssa Guglielmo, Jennifer Graffeo, and Isabel Doherty, host the Westford Districtwide Art Show. This is for their capstone project. On May 12th from 5 p.m. – 7  p.m. at WA, the art show will showcase all different forms of art, such as paintings, drawings, music, theater, and more.

All of the seniors have gone through the art department and have chosen to bring back the tradition. This project is also managed by drawing teacher Kelly Lampert, but these seniors have been working on setting up each piece of artwork to make this event run as smoothly as possible.

“We wanted an event that could showcase many of our talented artists in theater, music, and the visual arts with an emphasis on the artistic development of Westford students in the visual arts,” Lampert said.

As guests enter, it will be a walk through the years, starting in the Bell Lobby with elementary school artwork and ending in the Flag Lobby with high school arts.

“It’s a fun experience knowing that all grades can participate, like looking at the growth and progress artists make starting from a young age to when they become an adult.” Ivy Howard, junior that have put a piece of art into the show, said

All of the art teachers in the district have asked their students to submit their art but it was not required. Edward Hardy, art teacher atWA, has worked to get his students prepared for the Art Show and is excited to see the hallways transform.

“We love the opportunity to transform the hallways for these few days each year and it’s nice to hear the positive responses from students and faculty alike who may not know what’s happening in those messy rooms at the back of the building,” Hardy said.

This event is free to enter for all, however, the seniors will be collecting donations to keep the event running for years to come.

All of the students entered into this Art Show have gone through an art program in the Westford district. There is art such as still life, landscapes, human portraits, animals, and more. Any art was welcomed from students in the past month.

“I’m very excited to have my still life in the art show and even more excited to see everyone else’s work!” Ashlyn Wahlquist, a sophmore with art in the art show, said.

The art has been prepared and labeled with the artists names. There will also be information about the different art classes in the district for students to learn what’s coming in the following years.

“It’s also nice for the younger grades to see, and hopefully get excited about, the type of projects they can expect when they rise in grade levels.” Hardy said.

The other arts, such as theater and singing, will be displayed in the halls and multiple areas.

“Everyone is welcome and we really want to encourage as many families and communities members to attend as possible!” Lampert said.