Student vehicles vandalized in school parking lot


Garret O'Connor

Student parking lot.

James McDermott, Sports Editor

The Ghostwriter acknowledges that this is an ongoing investigation and not all the information has been shared/released with us; please read at your own discretion. 

During the last week of school before spring break, the senior parking lot has become a hazardous place at Westford Academy with multiple acts of vandalism. Most of the damage has been large scratches on the hood and/or the sides of student vehicles. Some cars have reportedly been keyed, while others are unsure of how the damage has been done.

Detective Anthony Bernadin and Dean Betsy Murphy have both made it very clear that this is an ongoing investigation and are unable to make comments on the processes going on. Murphy, however, made it very clear that this is on top of Westford Academy’s priority list at the moment. 

Additionally, Dean Bob Ware sent out an email on April 14 addressing the crimes that have been committed during the final week before break. Ware stated in the email sent out to seniors that Westford Academy is looking into the incidents and is trying to find who is responsible for these actions. 

“Please know, if this is a senior and you are identified, you will not be walking on June 3rd,” Ware stated in the email. 

Between the ongoing investigation and the consequences being set in stone, Westford Academy hopes to come to a conclusion on who has been committing these crimes. In the meantime, here at the Ghostwriter we will continue to provide updates as we get access to more information.