AJ Chiappetta commits to Bryant University


Austin DeSisto

Chiappetta signs his committ for Bryant University.

Mackenzie Adam, Staff Writer

Bryant University is known for their business schools and marketing classes but AJ Chiappetta sees an opening for his sport, cross country.

Starting on a basketball court running to get the ball, AJ Chiappetta began conditioning himself to prepare for each game. Running is the ideal way to condition yourself for sports. Chiappetta saw that track was offered at Stony Brook Middle School, so after he joined basketball in third grade he decided to start track in 6th.

“I did it my sixth-grade year. I really enjoyed it. So I stuck with it.” Chiappetta said.

Chiappetta followed this sport and has played it throughout his high school years.

Bryant University offered Chiappetta a spot on their team and being a Division 1 cross country team, Chiappetta got very interested in this offer.

Chiappetta reached out to Bryant University in June and he was able to go on a call with the school. Chiappetta visited their campus a few times and after the university read through a transcript of his season, he was offered a spot.

WA Cross Country Coach Scott Hafferkamp has worked with Chiappetta for all four years at Westford Academy. Hafferkamp is excited to see where Chiappetta goes in his future.

“AJ has a bright future as he prepares to run for Bryant next year.” Hafferkamp said “He has the mentality to run at the Division I level.”

Chiappetta is a cross country captain for Westford Academy and has guided the team through their competitions. Westford Academy made it to the DCL championships and Chiappetta helped them get a win.

“He was an instrumental part of our DCL championship,” Hafferkamp said, “More importantly, he is a strong team captain and his focus and dedication have rubbed off on his teammates.”

Chiappetta mentioned that winning the DCL championships is one of the proudest moments of his senior year. Chiappetta also broke personal records during his senior year. He ran a 5k in 16 minutes and 11 seconds beating his personal record.

Other than senior year achievements, Chiappetta acknowledges other personal wins from the past four years. He ran a mile in 4 minutes 40 seconds last year and a 2:05 800 [meter sprint] last year

Like most players, Chiappetta values running and his the team.

“You’re with the people you’re running with six days a week. It’s two hours, so you get to really know them and you support each other all the time. So that’s definitely a big aspect of it.” Chiappetta said.

He got into Bryant University for his athletic ability, but he is interested in Bryant’s business programs. Bryant is recognized for its students’ academic excellence and marketable skills in business.

“They have a really good business program which business is something I want to major in,” Chiappetta said.

Chiappetta will begin his journey at Bryant next year and will continue working on his cross country skills until then.

“I’m looking forward to following his career in the years to come,” Hafferkamp said.