WA closes school store

Rohun Voruganti, Co-Sports Editor

Kathe Lehan of the WA Business Department has been running the school store since 2018. Earlier this year Lehan was running the store in the small hallway outside of the clinic from 7:00 AM to 7:30 AM and 2:00 PM to 2:30 PM.

Unfortunately, the area had to be transformed due to teaching purposes, causing the store to close. She ran the store with the help of her independent study student, who, according to Lehman, put a ton of effort into organizing and moving the merchandise.

All items throughout the store are reasonably priced. Lehan chooses a few different stores and prices them effectively. She also adds a very small markup on the merchandise just to cover production costs.

“We add a very small mark up … to have enough in our account for donations such as Best Buddies, Trustees, retirees, and to fund various school initiatives. All funds are put back into the school in some way,” Lehan said.

In the past, it has never been a priority of the school store to earn money. However, Lehan’s goal has been to provide affordable yet stylish school apparel to Westford Academy students.

The school store will find a way to sell to the students again after they find a permanent location at Westford Academy.

“I do not know if the space is going to free up anytime soon, so we are developing some creative ideas for selling merchandise. A few ideas are selling in the Bell Lobby during Advisory blocks, Flag Lobby on Fridays, and during sporting events” Lehan said.