The Class of 2025 student government gets elected


Sara Zukowsky

The Class of 2025 election candidates prepare to deliver their speeches.

Sara Zukowsky, Staff Writer

During advisory on Friday, Oct. 1 2021, WA’s new freshman government was elected. The candidates gave speeches and students then voted online for their officers and student council representatives.

Benjamin Durgin won President, Tanya Dayan won Vice President, Jane Kang won Secretary, and Somya Lunavat won Treasurer. Karthik Baba, Rachel Haley, Brian Podolskiy, Abhinav Sharma, Mia Votano, and Elena Wu all secured the roles of Student Council Representatives. 

With only ten out of twenty-one candidates being elected, the competition was high for a role in student government. There were six candidates for president, four for vice president, and two for both secretary and treasurer.

“I’m personally really excited to be involved with such a large number of students again. It’s something that I’ve missed,” Class of 2025 advisor Jennifer Conti said. 

Conti is not the only one excited for the school year to come. Durgin, Dayan, Kang, and Lunavat all have plans for their upcoming school year. 

The freshman class candidates placed a priority on mental health, with a majority of them discussing their goals to improve it and lessen stress in the school. 

“I definitely want there to be a freshman dance, a faster lunch line, a competitive dance team, field trips, and more fundraising. I want to make people’s mental health a priority in school. I know especially this year, we’ve all had a hard time transitioning to high school, and I want to help [with] that,” Dayan said. 

Durgin also hopes to bring a bit more enjoyment to the high school experience.

[…] I will do my best to reduce the stress of freshman year by creating fun events. One of these fun events may be a freshman dance to organize money for our grade or a class fundraiser […] to bring our whole class together,” Durgin said. 

The new class of 2025 student government doesn’t only hope to build a community within their class or improve mental health.

“I want to help every one of you find your future and to find your success,” Kang said.