New mask mandate for Westford Schools


An image of a cloth mask, one of the mask options which can be worn when masks are needed.

Shreya Voruganti, News Editor

Last night, the Westford Board of Health voted unanimously to issue a new indoor mask mandate for all public spaces in Westford regardless of vaccination status. This mask mandate is effective Oct. 1, for everyone two years or above.

This mask mandate applies to all businesses, public buildings, and places of worship.

Today, Superintendent Christopher Chew confirmed that this new mandate will also apply to students in WPS starting Oct. 1. Students are already required to wear masks that cover the nose and mouth from now through October 1, per a state mandate.

Superintendent Chew stated in an email, “The Board of Health is the ultimate governing body for our town in terms of all of the health requirements, restrictions, mandates etc.  So, if they ordered a mandate to have masks worn indoors while inside it would include the schools.”

Even though the mandate goes into effect on Oct. 1, the Board of Health urges people to wear masks indoors as soon as possible.

However, many students have differing opinions about this extension of the mask mandate

“I would like to learn when the mask mandate ends, I hope [the school committee] votes on that. I hope that they vote on that, and I hope when they vote, they vote on a certain date and stick with it and I would like to know when I don’t have to wear a mask,” said sophomore Ryan DeMars.

The school committee has not yet voted on a date to lift the mask mandate, so masks are required for an indefinite amount of time until the decision is made.

Some other students are relieved that the mask mandate is extended.

“Honestly, if the [mask mandate] keeps us in school, I think it is okay. I mean, it is kind of annoying, but also at some point you just get used to it.  I’m pretty used to wearing the mask now, so I think it will be okay as long as it keeps us safe,” said senior Erinne Hau.