The Resident hooks watchers until the end

Watch The Resident on FOX to find the next medical emergency.

Watch The Resident on FOX to find the next medical emergency.

Mackenzie Adam, Staff Writer

Rushing from medical emergencies to parties within minutes, The Resident on FOX is a medical-based show with romance and death. This four-season show is coming to a halt with untied ends. This show has its ups and downs while keeping all eight substantial characters together. The Resident is meant for ages fourteen or older as this show includes many graphic scenes in the medical field and some scenes that can trigger viewers. On January 21, 2018, the first episode of The Resident premiered, and it still runs today.

The Resident keeps users hooked throughout each episode. In one episode, in season four, Nicolette Nevin’s, a nurse played by Emily VanCamp, was stabbed but the episode ended with her still severely injured and was close to death. I couldn’t wait for the next episode and I was thinking about the show the rest of the week. Personally, I have watched three episodes in a row, because I kept wanting to know more. Almost every episode ends in a medical emergency, romance, or a major character shift. This show has surgery and heartwarming moments from families or doctors. The main two characters Dr. Conrad Hawkins, played by Matt Czuchry, and Nicollette Nevins are a power couple that goes against the crowd. These two actors show emotion and really show their role. The plot and the emotion in this show bring out the best and worst emotions in viewers. The plot can get very quiet but in one minute of the show, everything can crumble. This power couple goes against the rest of the staff to make things fair and right for the community. They took down the CEO and surgeon in season three because of unchecked medical records that they dug up.

In this show, there are constant cliffhangers that can sometimes be easily predictable and sometimes disappointing. Some cliffhangers will happen at the end of a season than in the next season it isn’t interesting until a new medical emergency happens. I also sometimes feel as if the main characters need to be changed out, either by adding more in or moving some out. The current group is doctors and surgeons which leads to more medical scenes in the show. I feel like another character coming from outside the hospital to focus on more heartwarming moments could add more drama to the show. Finally in the current season, season four, there are more characters being added into the main group which is leading to more moments like this.

The Resident has amazing parts, as well as some that may need improvement. Overall, I believe this show can keep the attention of younger viewers and is meant for fourteen or older. This show has a good cast and plot, which leads to strong cliffhangers and endings. This show also shows graphic content in detail, which can be a learning experience because most things in this show can happen in real life. This show has kept me hooked for four seasons with hour-long episodes. I highly recommend this show to people who like medical emergencies, romance, and drama.