Westford Academy Football kicks off their season


Provided by Patrick Gendron

Westford Academy Football Coach Patrick Gendron is excited for this Fall-2 football season.

James Farley, Staff Writer

The Westford Academy football team will be participating in a season amidst the pandemic, following the 5-2 school committee vote in favor of holding football this Fall-2 season. 

While this season will be different than past years, WA Football Coach Patrick Gendron believes he and his team are ready to tackle any challenges that come their way.

“Everyone is so excited that this is an opportunity the school committee has granted us,” Gendron said.  “There is a challenge [ahead of us], but we have done a great job rising to that challenge so far, it is absolutely awesome.”

The season was unable to kick off this fall as it usually does, but a Fall-2 season has brought this team a unique opportunity to play this spring.  In order for the season to play out as the team hopes, Gendron and his team plan to do anything and everything they can to make the most of their opportunity.

“We know it is a privilege to play [this season] so we are taking everything seriously,” Gendron said.  “We are very thankful [to be able to play].”

In order to ensure the student-athletes’ utmost safety, WA’s football players will be wearing masks at all times.  To go along with this safety measure, players will be socially distancing on the sidelines, helping to keep not only themselves, but their teammates and coaches as safe as possible.

”Things are in place outside the actual gameplay [to keep our team safe] like the social distancing markers on the sidelines, limited gatherings before and after practices, making sure masks are on at all times, things like that,” said Gendron.  “Players and staff, as well as our community, and other teams we are going to be playing as well, [are focused on making] safety the most important thing this year.”

Prioritizing safety measures is giving the team’s seniors another chance to suit up for Westford Academy as they conclude their high school careers.

“Giving the seniors an opportunity to play [is important] as this is the only opportunity these players have to play this season,” said Gendron.  “We are very thankful for that.”

With the official practice schedule and season now underway, the WA football team, under Gendron’s leadership, are set to begin this March football season.  WA will play Newton South, Acton-Boxborough, Lincoln-Sudbury, Concord-Carlisle, and Waltham during this season, and then will wrap up the year with the playoffs.  Gendron envisions his team potentially competing in the Conference Championship come the end of the season.

“[In the end], hopefully, we are playing for a DCL Championship,” Gendron said.

While this season will be like no other, Gendron claims the football team is ready to go, and is looking to catch whatever pass comes their way.

“It is going to be a lot of fun,” said Gendron.  “We are excited to get going.”