Seven ways to occupy yourself at home during COVID-19 social distancing

Srinithi Raj, Features Editor

Inevitably, by the third or fourth day of staying at home, you’re so bored you wish you were back in school again. Especially with a three-week-long period of social distancing, it can be difficult to find both enjoyable and stimulating things to do. Here is a list of seven ways to entertain yourself over the next three weeks without stepping outside the house.

1. Draw

Drawing can be a great way to not only have fun but also practice mindfulness. Especially with how stressful the current COVID-19 outbreak is, drawing can provide some of that much-needed space from everything happening in the world right now. You can go crazy and draw something completely random or sit down for hours creating a masterpiece.

Creative Commons Media
“Art & Design” by Agnes Wielgosz


2. Read a good book

Especially during the school year, it can be quite difficult to find the time for non-school reading, and breaks are a great time to immerse yourself in a riveting story.

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“Banned Book Jacket Series” by Jordan Key

3. Go through an old photo album

There’s nothing more nostalgic than revising old photos. Not only can you pass a solid amount of time perusing photos, it’s also a great way to do some family bonding. Sit down with some family this week and judge one another’s earlier fashion choices and laugh at those hilarious moments.

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“Family Photo Album” by Jeff Arief

4. Put together a puzzle

To this day, I’ve never had the chance to finish a 1000 piece puzzle. Over the next few weeks, try committing to finishing a puzzle. Not only can piecing together a puzzle be a fun way to stimulate your mind, it can also be extremely rewarding seeing something you’ve taken the effort to complete. To put an even more exciting twist to it, time yourself during each construction and try to beat your personal best!

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“Christmas puzzle 2010” by Falashad

5. Watch a good movie

To be honest, you’ve probably already done this–it’s the no-brainer every break, right? Instead of binge-watching your favorite Netflix show or seeing your favorite Disney movie for the fifth time, try exploring a new genre of film this break.

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“Beauty & the Beast box” by Stephh922

 6. Phone a friend

I’m sure every single parent out there is concerned about how much time children spend on their devices. Instead of texting or scrolling through social media, give your eyes and fingers a break and try calling a friend instead.

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“Phone” by Ian Saylor

7. Reorganize

Out of all my friends, I can probably take the award for “Most Cluttered Study Desk” and “Most Disorganized Folders,” but I can never find the time to reorganize on school nights. Over this period of social distance, it’s a good idea to spend some time de-cluttering your handouts and schoolbag. You’ll be surprised what you find in there. While you’re at it, try finding more efficient and aesthetically pleasing organization methods.

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“Book clutter” by Florriebassingbourn