WA Girls’ Varsity Hockey trumped by Andover


Penny Joyce

WA girls’ hockey team huddles together before their game starts.

Amelia Neal, Staff Writer

On Thursday, January 9, WA’s Girls’ Varsity Hockey played a home game against Andover. WA played well throughout the duration of the game, but Andover took home the win for the night.

Within the 1st period, WA player number 15, Val Crory scored a goal. The puck slid into the goal and the crowd cheered as Crory was embraced by her teammates on the ice. The remainder of the 1st period offered intense passes between the players but when the period was over, WA was in the lead, 1-0.

The 2nd period started with high hopes for WA as number 23, Maddie Hunt scored a goal within the first two minutes of the period. However, hopes went down slightly when Andover managed to get two power plays, and scored on the second power play. WA continued to play their best but with just 10 minutes left in the 2nd period, Andover snuck in another goal on yet another power play, leaving WA and Andover were tied, 2-2 by the end of the period.

WA continued to give it their all in the third period. Their teamwork was shown many times as they passed the puck to each other heading to their goal. Andover snuck a goal in making the score 3-2. The period ended with this score, and Andover took home the win.

WA played very well on the ice and worked together as a team to try to win; however Andover took the victory home. However, WA has a chance to redeem themselves on January 11, where they will play Billerica.