Ciara Chan dances her way to Worlds


Provided by Ciara Chan

Chan poses at a competition.

Amelia Neal, Staff Writer

Ciara Chan, a junior at WA, has qualified for Worlds, a huge Irish step competition in Dublin, Ireland.

Irish step is a style of dance that is popular in Europe, especially in Ireland. The dance form can be performed in groups or in a solo. There are many different types of Irish dance; however, Chan will be competing in the under 16 age group.

Chan was introduced to Irish dance by her mother; she has been dancing for twelve years, but she was also competing during those years as well.

“My mom started my sister and me dancing cause she wanted us to dance at Irish weddings and other family events,” Chan said.

Qualifying for worlds hasn’t been an easy journey, Chan spent hours preparing for her competition.

“I practiced every day and I go to class three times a week,” Chan said.

Chan attends the Murray Academy of Irish Dance in Exeter, NH. There, classes are offered in a wide range of different competition levels. At the academy, Chan attends the highest level classes offered: the world qualifier and open championship classes.

Worlds is a very big accomplishment to qualify for, as it is an international competition.

“It’s a big competition that involves dancers all around the world. A certain percentage of each region qualifies for Worlds,” Chan said.

There are many competitors striving for success at the competition as well.

” I think there are 200 dancers in each age group,” Chan said.

As for after Worlds, Chan plans to compete in nationals in Nashville, TN. Chan will head over to Dublin to compete in April.

“I’m really excited to compete in this competition, it’s such an honor to have qualified.” Chan said.