Students create petition for Estabrook


McCuin, the freshman who started the petition.

Keertana Gangireddy and Unnati Bhat

Among the recent budget cuts in our school department, English Teacher and Cross Country/Track Coach Michael Estabrook may be let go. In an attempt to save his job, freshman Emma McCuin started a petition Tuesday evening, December 10th.

The petition gained popularity through many students who discovered it on social media. So far, it has received support from around 1,700 people.

To sign the petition, students must provide their email address along with their full name. They are given the opportunity to donate if they wish to do so, as well. 

McCuin wrote a lengthy introduction to the petition, stating why Estabrook does not deserve to be cut from our school system.

“Personally, Mr. Estabrook has made me enjoy English, a subject I usually do not like. He has furthermore given me the motivation to study hard and get good grades in the class. His class is a safe space where all his students can be themselves without ever being reprimanded…The students at Westford Academy need incredible teachers like Mr. Estabrook,” McCuin wrote in the petition description.

McCuin remarks that she didn’t expect the petition to gain as much support as it has.

“We actually didn’t think it would get that [many signatures], we were aiming for 100 [signatures], and we’ve definitely gone past that, so the more signatures we have the easier it will be to convince them [the school board],” she said.

Along with McCuin’s lengthy bio, several members of Westford’s community including students, alumni, and parents, commented on the petition, stating their position regarding the potential layoff of Estabrook and the school district’s decisions. 

“[I] had him [Estabrook] last year for English, and [he’s] easily one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. The school would be committing a crime [for] getting rid of him,” junior Raymond Kallely said.

McCuin is bringing the petition to the school board meeting on Wednesday, December 11, in an attempt to sway the administration’s decision.

“I just feel like he’s affected so many people’s lives; even if you do not have him, he is always there [for you] to talk to, [Our school] won’t be a good environment without him,” McCuin said.

View a gallery of comments as of this morning from the petition, below: