Saddle up for Equestrian Club

Saddle up for Equestrian Club

Amelia Neal, Staff Writer

A new club is here at WA and it is the equestrian club. Run by health and gym teacher Lauren Coffey, students will learn everything from horsemanship to riding.

Coffey explains that she got the idea to start up this club from her own daughter, Kate Coffey who was a former student at WA.

“Kate has been active in the equestrian world since she was four and has done it for fifteen years so I personally have a passion for horses,” Coffey said.

She continues to praise her daughter’s influence on the club by saying that when she was at WA, the equestrian community was hidden and not talked about. Coffey continues this by saying that since horseback riding is just the rider and the horse; there isn’t really a team aspect of the sport.

“I wanted to create a place where everybody who had a love of horses could come together,” Coffey said.

Coffey goes on and says that she reached out to Mr. Bunyon, who was interested in the club’s potential and possibly becoming an official WA sport.  

“He’s open to the discussion. You never know what can happen,” Coffey said.

Some equestrian students at WA have already expressed their interest in the club.

“Nora Tripp [sophomore] was instrumental in emailing Ms. Murphy, who is in charge of all the clubs. She made the official request to start a pilot club this year,” Coffey said.

Coffey makes it clear that this club is for everyone, not just equestrians.

“The club will not just be focusing on the riding part. Horsemanship and learning various equine-related subjects will be involved as well too,” Coffey said.

Many sports are very expensive and horseback riding is high on the list.

“Right now, individual riders will be taking care of their own lessons. Eventually, we’d want to become part of a league and students then would pay to compete in the league,” Coffey said.

This year’s goal with the club is to see what kind of riders are interested, as there are many different types of riding.

Coffey has high hopes that this club will work and hopes it will become an official WA sport.

“I would like to get anyone who is interested, of course,  I would love to have experienced riders, but if we move toward competition, some leagues require riders to ride at a higher level,” Coffey said.