WA football hosts back to school dance


Tony Yacavone

Crowd in the bell lobby.

Hannah Thomas, Business Editor

Today, September 14, Westford Academy will host a Back to School dance where students will be able to hang out with others, dance, and listen to music. There will be a professional DJ and mini-events. Tickets will be sold for ten dollars at the front entrance.

In the past, the dance had been a popular, annual event. However, in recent years, students’ interests in the dance have dwindled, leading to its discontinuation.

This year, Patrick Gendron, a Physical Education teacher at WA, is organizing the back-to-school dance. As a member of the football coaching staff, Gendron decided to become the organizer because he was familiar with the dance set-up. Since the students already have Movie Nights and Senior BBQ, he thought this would be the perfect year to revive the tradition.

“I wanted to take the opportunity because I think we are missing [the dance] as a community builder for Westford Academy,” said Gendron.

He hopes the Back to School dance will bring together students of all grades and help everyone meet new people. He also wants to provide a safe, fun place on a Saturday night for the students. 

“I hope it is a great night and a safe place where all people like freshmen through seniors can have some fun, meet some new faces, and kick the school year off with a good start,” said Gendron.

Senior Max Bombardieri, a football player, will be attending the dance with his team members. He hopes the dance will be fun, and an event that many people will attend. He thinks that it is good way to get people excited for the upcoming football season. He noticed that dances haven’t been popular with the student for the past couples years, but he hopes for more students to attend this dance.

“I believe it is a great way to get everyone together as a school,” said Bombardieri.