Fabrice Ghana meets Westford


Amelia Neal, Staff Writer

The Ghostwriter had the opportunity to meet and interview English teacher Fabrice Ghana, visiting from the Ivory Coast in Africa, about his stay in America.

Q: Is this your first time in the United States?

A: It is, I arrived here on the 29 of February.

Q: What program brought you to America?

A: The program is called Fullbright T. It’s a program that focuses on education so we are a group of teachers from all around the world and we come to the states to learn about the best practices to learn about technology and leadership. So it’s organized by people in our country from the US Embassy.

Q: What is the biggest cultural difference between the United States and The Ivory Coast?

A: The food is a big difference and the fact that the Ivory Coast is so far away, people here are assertive and they express themselves freely.

Q: What do you think the biggest difference in education is?

A: I think the emphasis on technology. Technology is used everywhere.

Q: What has been your favorite part of America?

A: Definitely Lowell but if I had to extend that it would be Massachusetts. I like it here because people are more welcoming and that is what it’s like in my country so I feel right at home. I went to New York City and I found it a bit intimidating because of the very tall buildings.

Q: Is there anything that you wish you could bring home to Africa?

A: Smaller classrooms, we have very large classrooms in my country with over 100 students. If I could have that in my country that would be awesome. I would also like to bring home some more technology back to Africa.

Q: Is there anything that you don’t like about America?

A: Not particularly.