New Teacher Profile: Amanda Lorenzo

By: James Knowles
Staff Writer

Amanda Lorenzo is a first year teacher at Westford Academy after departing from Salem High School in Salem, NH. Lorenzo has four years teaching experience prior to her job at WA.

Lorenzo teaching a sophomore World II/US I CP1 class.
Lorenzo teaching a sophomore World II/US I CP1 class.

Lorenzo said she has always been interested in teaching and always had a special connection with her teachers and instructors through out her years in school.

“My playroom used to be set up with a chalkboard and a bunch of stuffed animals and I would pretend to teach them. I found it quite amusing at the time,” said Lorenzo.

History has always been one of Lorenzo’s strongest subjects in school. She always felt like learning about the past could help her figure out, learn and plan for the future.

When entering into Roger Williams College in Rhode Island Lorenzo was set on becoming a history teacher but along the way she also took some other interesting courses such as Psychology, which she now teaches here at WA along with World II and US CP1.

With this being her first year ever teaching Psych, Lorenzo was nervous but describes it as a “fun and fulfilling experience. It is refreshing to watch the students learn about something they find so interesting and it is also neat to kind of create the curriculum as well.”

The 09-10 school year is Lorenzo’s first year not teaching freshmen which has been “kind of weird to get used to but also nifty to see how these older kids comprehend and learn things.”

Lorenzo has loved Westford Academy so far and describes it as, “A very large school with a large amount of people which have all been very warming and welcoming to me and all the other newcomers.”

” I find the work ethic and love for the school come out very strong in all these kids and teachers. I feel WA is a good fit,” said Lorenzo.