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8 reasons to fall in love with fall

A fresh apple.
A fresh apple.

Tim DeLouchrey
Sports Editor

Fall is an interesting time of year. As the school year begins, mixed feelings certainly ensue. While homework is not necessarily an obligation most look forward to, there are plenty of other activities one can engage in, therefore improving their transition back into a schedule. Check out the following list provided by the WA Ghostwriter for a few suggestions on how to enhance the autumn experience.

1. Apple/ Pumpkin Picking

What is fall without filling up bags of apples at your favorite orchard? Apple picking – especially in Westford – is already an annual event for most families. Westford’s history is defined by an excess of apple orchards. Though that is not necessarily the case anymore, if residents feel like getting cultural while spending some time in the crisp fall air, apple picking is a solid route to take. With Halloween right around the corner, it would also be a strategic move to pick out a few pumpkins.

2. Biking

An easier and more scenic alternative to running, biking provides a great mix of exercise and recreation. The cool air is also ideal for working out outdoors. There are plenty of trails in Westford and its surrounding towns, enabling bikers to ride safely as they avoid the busy roadways. The Groton Bike Path is designed for exactly that, and if biking sparks your interests, it is definitely worth exploring.

3. WA Sporting Events

It would probably come as a surprise to most students how frequently sporting events are going on. There are plenty of games every week for students to attend in order to experience the WA sport’s culture. The most popular of these is the Friday night football games. Hundreds of fans take part each week to watch the team, no matter the team’s record. Field hockey, soccer, and volleyball also tend to capture a crowd. There are also plenty of levels to attend, depending on whether you plan to support a friend, or support the team as a whole.

4. NFL Season

Not everyone is a football fan, but that doesn’t mean one can’t enjoy the culture surrounding it. From pregame cookouts to joining fantasy football leagues, there are plenty of ways to enjoy Sunday football without actually being glued to the TV screen.

5. Hiking

Though hiking is considered a year round activity for most, its peak seasons are in the summer and fall. The crisp fall mornings provide ideal hiking weather that is worth taking advantage of. Mount Monadnock in Jaffrey, New Hampshire is a popular location for anyone looking for an easy, but worthwhile hike.

6. Farmers Markets

Every Tuesday afternoon in the Westford Town Common, venders from all over Massachusetts come to sell their fresh products at the Westford Farmers Market. Hit stands such as Bagel Alley attract plenty of hungry visitors, as do local farmers offering their seasonal crops. The Westford Market only runs until the Tuesday before Halloween, but there is still plenty of time to experience the community created there each week.

7. Baking

Autumn, especially around Thanksgiving, is pie season. There is a glut of different types of pies to be baked including apple, pumpkin and blueberry to name a few. Depending on your confidence in the kitchen, the newly reopened Market Basket chain also has plenty of ready-to-eat baked goods for sale.

8. Fall TV Shows

According the, the average American is estimated to watch five hours of TV per day. With homework and other school activities, it may be tough to balance in that much television, but there is still plenty of time to keep up with some of one’s favorite shows. Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds, The Walking Dead and American Horror Story are just a few of the shows premiering in the upcoming months.

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