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New Teacher Feature: James Moriarty

By Barbara Morrison
Editor- In-Chief

Moriarty plans a lesson at his computer.

James Moriarty says he is excited to finally be teaching business classes in his twenty-first year of teaching. He said that this is his favorite type of class to teach, and is getting this opportunity in his first year at Westford Academy, filling in as the replacement for Melissa Bruneau during her sabbatical.

In the past he has taught computer classes, and he worked on tech support at the computer company, which is now Unisys, before teaching.

“I love teaching business courses in high schools,” he explains. He also said that he would like people to know that business is not just about the profession, but is an academic discipline that can expand one’s mind.

“Basically, what I teach is how to think critically,” he says about the business curriculum. It’s a fact he says he’s proud of.

He “teaches in the real world” and strives to prepare his students for college and life after high school by providing them with a global view and the ability to formulate their own ideas.

Moriarty’s opinion of Westford Academy is overwhelmingly positive. Though he doesn’t know what his future holds, or what will happen to his position as a teacher when Bruneau returns, he says he would love to stay at Westford Academy. The administration’s style is something he says he is very appreciative of.

The one thing he does see as a draw back, though, is something many students would agree with. Moriarty comes from a school with an hour long lunch period, and says the short WA lunches are just not enough time.

“I just wish I had more time to spend with students,” and a longer lunch allows students more time to connect with teachers, he says.

“After all, that is what education is- it is the relationships, this journey that we take together,” said Moriarty.

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