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Students give back with blood

By Casey O’Connor
Staff Writer

Blood drive held in the gym.

On Thursday, November 15th, the Red Cross blood drive was held at Westford Academy. Students over the age of sixteen were eligible to donate their blood.

Students who wanted to register signed up by filling out a sheet that shows they have parental consent. They then chose a time slot during the school day. The Red Cross suggests that on the day of the blood drive donors drink plenty of water to keep themselves hydrated and eat lots of protein. Without the nutrition, there are chances the donor could faint.

After the donor goes down to the auxiliary  gym during their time slot, they sign in and receive a number. They are also given a pamphlet which they are asked to read. The pamphlet describes the possible dangers of the process and also goes over a list of things that would prevent someone from donating blood. If someone is not a certain weight or has high blood pressure, they would not be allowed to donate blood.

After a long wait, the donor is called to get checked by a nurse. There, the blood is tested.

When this process is over, donors lie down and have their blood taken. Many describe the procedure as painless, excluding when the needle is first put in.

The whole process takes about an hour and a half. The actual donating of blood takes about fifteen minutes.

While some students choose to donate blood to get out of class or for the free food, there are many students who truly want to make a difference.

Among the donators this year was Amy Livorsi, a senior at WA. Livorsi had attempted to donate blood last year but was unable due to high blood pressure. This year she returned, hoping her blood would be useful.  Livorsi wanted to donate this year because of the Hurricane Sandy tragedy, which has left many people in need of blood.

Lena Mirisola, a senior, donates her blood as often a possible. As well as donating at the school’s blood drive, she visits Lowell General and Emerson to donate.

Andrea Bert, a first time donator, was excited to donate this year.

“I’m glad I can do something to help,” said  Bert.

Although this was Bert’s first time donating blood, she was not nervous.

Lindsey Bedard, also a first time donor, was frightened she would faint after her blood was taken.

Youth Red Cross helps run this event. Many of the club members volunteer to help during the day. Some members volunteer for community service hours, while others just want to make a difference.

Sophomore Alex Cheng volunteered his time this year.

“If you want to make a difference at WA and give back to the community, Red Cross is a good way,” said Cheng.

Sophomore Jon Ko also volunteers his time to help others and make a difference.

“I volunteer because I like helping good causes. Everyone should try to make a difference,” said Ko.

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