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40 gift ideas to consider this holiday season

December 18, 2020

The holiday season is here: time full of love, family, friends, and continuous gift shopping for almost everyone you know. But, fear not! The Ghostwriter’s here!  Coming up with gifts for so many people during the holiday season can be tough, and knowing what to get for different occasions can be tricky, so that’s why I’ve come up with 40 gift ideas for almost every occasion and recipient so it’s one less thing to worry about during these times. Whether you’re a Westford resident or just looking for something to get your boss, there’s something for everyone!

Gifts for Westford Parents and Friends

  1. WA Merchandise: Sweatshirts, Sweatpants, Masks – For WA and friends you can’t go wrong with some WA merchandise. Right now the school store is closed in person, but the CSA Graphics Online Westford Academy School Store is still open. Many teams are also selling masks, and you could even iron the WA logo onto some sweats or sweatshirts. Also if you have unworn merchandise that would be a great regift.

    Westford Academy Grey Crew Neck Sweatshirt (Image courtesy of CSA Graphics)
  2. Gift Cards of Westford Chain Restaurants – Popular chain restaurants in Westford include Chipotle, Panera, Subway, Chili’s, and many others. You can purchase a gift card to any of these, but especially try to get their favorite. This is a great gift idea for any Westford resident who loves to eat!
  3. Pay for a local service: Nails, Hair, Spa Treatment, Car Cleaned or Detailed –  In Westford there are many places to get a service. There are many nail salons, hair salons, and places that do spa treatments, or even places you can get your car detailed. Take your friend or parent out to get a service done for them, you could even do it together to spend time together during the holiday season. Some places that offer such services include Westford Nails and Spa, A Spa For You, Labella Hair Studio, Westford Auto Sales and ProClean Auto Wash.
  4. Take Them out to a Meal at a Local Restaurant – There are so many local restaurants in Westford and taking someone you care about out is a great gift of your time and money. While you could take them out to any chain place as well, taking them out to a local place is more comfortable and homey while supporting local businesses. You could take them out to dinner, lunch or even breakfast depending on what their favorite type of meal is. Local restaurants include Seoul Kitchen, Paul’s Diner, and Silver Palate Pizza among many others. 
  5. College Sweatshirts – College sweatshirts are great for Westford parents with college students. You could get them a college sweatshirt or other college merchandise of the college you attend(ed) or someone in your family that they’re close to attends or attended. You could also get this gift for a high schooler or even younger who has a dream college in mind, this would help support their goals while being a great Winter gift. This would also be a great gift for high school seniors who have already made early decisions about which college they will be  attending.

Gifts for Westford Student-Athletes

  1. Athletic Shoes – If your recipient is a Westford Athlete, they likely will constantly need new shoes whether they run when training or need special shoes for the sport they play. They will definitely appreciate some new shoes. This is great gift for parents and other family members of the recipient. A great local place to find running shoes is Marx Running and Fitness Center in Acton.

    Marx Running and Fitness Center Acton Location (Image Courtesy of Marx Running)
  2. Water Bottle – Any student-athlete would appreciate a new water bottle. A higher-quality metal water bottle is a great gift and you could even include some stickers from their favorite shows, movies, or just some nice themed ones for them to decorate their bottle with. Great brands include Hydro Flask and Yeti among many others.
  3. Sports Gear – Any student would appreciate some new sports gear. For example, if they play volleyball you can get them new pads, shoes or a ball, or any gear pertaining to their sport will be appreciated. If you want to make sure you get the right gear, you can ask them about it ahead of time. I recommend this gift for parents or other family members because it could be pricier and finding the right gear can be tricky and more specific than other gifts. Most gear can be bought at the nearby Dicks Sporting Goods in Nashua as well.
  4. Donate to Their WA Team – This is a great way to help out your student-athlete and their team as a family member. You can reach out to their coach or WA Sports Coordinator Mr. Bunyon, email him at [email protected] to see how you can make the donation.
  5. Workout Clothes – Any student-athlete can appreciate new workout clothing. You can order some online or buy in person at the Outlet or Pheasant Lane Mall. Nike, Athleta, Under Armour, and Lululemon are just some popular brands to purchase great workout wear but if they have have preferences for brands, that is a better alternative. 

Do it Yourself Gifts

  1. Scrapbook/Collage Incorporate pictures of you and the person you are giving this to, you can turn this into a scrapbook adding colorful paper and designs, or just make a poster of pictures together. If you make a scrapbook, you can add memories, inside jokes, quotes, and descriptions under your pictures as well. This is a great personal gift that whoever you give this to will truly treasure. Click here for some inspiration and ideas.
  2. Gift Basket – For this, compile an assortment of small things that the receiver would enjoy. Items such as small candies and chocolates, stuffed animals, nail polish, pictures, stickers are just some options for what to add to this personalized gift basket. Compiling these items together makes a personalized and thoughtful gift anyone would be sure to use and enjoy. Click here for some inspiration and ideas.

    Holiday Gift Basket (Image courtesy of DIY Network)
  3. Memory Box – For this, compile keepsakes and items that you feel has represented your relationship with this person as it had changed and grown. This gift is best for a long time friend or family member you’re close with. Incorporating pictures and notes throughout this box would also wow your gift receiver. Click here for some inspiration and ideas.
  4. Style Bundle – This is a great gift idea for those who are very fashionable and love styling their friends and family. To do this, shop for items you think your recipient would look good in or would match their current style. Shopping at thrift stores would also help save money while being eco-friendly, and it will let you find more unique pieces to style with. Finding a full outfit and accessories will definitely leave the person you’re gifting impressed. My favorite nearby thrift store is the Goodwill Store in Hudson, NH.
  5. Cardboard Cutout of Their Favorite Celebrity or Character – This is a fun one for those who are crafty and want to really surprise someone.  Cardboard cutouts can also be bought online but many times are very expensive, if you have that extra money to spend go for it! If not, try making this at home. The website allows for proper formatting of the pictures for printing. Click here to see a video tutorial on how to do this.

Trendy Gifts

  1. Jewelry – Jewelry has always been very trendy, but recently rings have taken off even more. Especially, chunky colorful rings. Rings are becoming more popular no matter someone’s gender and there are rings or jewelry pieces for everyone. Along with rings, layered necklaces are becoming popular as well. An easy way to gift this is to purchase multiple at time for your recipient to wear. 
  2. Wall Picture Kit or Posters – Wall picture collages and kits have been really popular recently. Many people buy readymade picture kits from Etsy, Depop or Tezza. Other people tend to buy pictures or prints off of Shutterfly and other printing apps/websites or get them printed at their local drug store. To give this gift, you can put together a cool pictures featuring some of the two of you together, or just photos that will match their space and have a specific theme. You can find pictures on Pinterest or just Google images. Similarly, anyone can print out posters of their favorite celebrities, shows, and movies in a larger size using the same methods.
  3. Lights: Led, Fairy, Skylight – These lights have all been very popular recently. If someone already has one of these, they’ll likely appreciate a new type of light as well. These look great in teen bedrooms or to give to college students to light up their dorm. Click on any to purchase: Led lights, Fairy Lights, and Skylight.
  4. Glass Song Plaque – This is a gift you can make yourself or can purchase on Etsy, Amazon or other websites and sellers. Click here for the amazon link to buy and customize.

    Glass Song Plaque (Image courtesy of shopONYXco on Etsy)
  5. Disposable Camera – Disposable cameras have been all the rave lately. The pictures can be developed and sent back, giving it a cool and nostalgic feel.  This is a great gift for teens and kids who love to take pictures and even adults who like the nostalgic feel, but really a gift for anyone who cherishes memories. Click here to buy.

Useful Gifts

  1. Portable Charger or SpeakerPortable Chargers and speakers are something that never go unused. There are tons of options and this is a great gift for anyone who has a phone or enjoys music.
  2. Skincare, Chapstick or Hand Cream – You can never go wrong with a chapstick or hand cream. If someone is more into skin care and taking care of their skin, get them a product they already use or are looking to use so you’re sure you purchase something that doesn’t hurt their skin. If they don’t use a lot of skincare products but are looking to get into some, do some research based on their skin type and other factors to get them a product to try out.
  3. Ten in One Hammer or Mini Toolkit – This gift is perfect for any parent, or more specifically, one who is constantly fixing things around the house. The 10 in one hammer is 10 tools-in-one which allows for so much convenience. This is also perfect for college students needing something easy to work with when they head to college and find things that they may need fix or screw or hang up across their dorm.
  4. Beanies – Beanies are comfortable, functional and work for everyone. Beanies also come in a variety of colors and styles so you can find one that will suit everyone. I would recommend the Carhartt beanies, they have recently gained more popularity and are a long lasting and warm material.

    Carhartt Beanie (Image courtesy of Fleet Farm)
  5. 2021 Planner – A 2021 planner is a perfect gift for anyone who likes to stay organized. They are functional and the various styles make these also customizable.

Cozy Gifts

  1. Fuzzy SocksFuzzy socks are an easy, accessible, cozy and a possible last-minute gift for anyone. You can get plain or choose fun patterns based on your recipients preferences.
  2. Fuzzy Throw Blankets or Heated Blankets – You can never go wrong with a nice cozy throw blanket. If you have the suitable budget, you could spring for a heated blanket as well. There are so many colors and designs to choose from so you can’t go wrong. Plus, when has a nice blanket ever disappointed someone?
  3. Candles – Candles are a great gift for anyone. If you know their favorite scent, you could get them that and if you don’t you could them your favorite scent or a nice holiday scent. This is a great holiday gift because it’s cozy and versatile. Great brands include Harlem Candle Company and White Barn.
  4. PJ Sets  PJ sets are a great gift for all ages. For younger kids, you could get them one with their favorite tv show or cartoon characters. For adults and teens, you can get a classic flannel set or other similar styles and if you want a more luxurious feel to your gift, you could also purchase them some silk pajamas
  5. Robes or Blanket Robes (The Comfy) – Robes come in a variety of fabrics and textures. You could get them a blanket robe, towel, or even silk. There is also a type of blanket ‘robe’ that has recently gained popularity, known as “The Comfy”. The Comfy is a sort of robe that is a blanket texture but fits like a giant sweatshirt. “The Comfy,” as its name says, is quite comfy. There is also many dupes that come for a cheaper price for a similar product. When it comes to a robe, there is something for everyone.

    “The Comfy” (Image courtesy of Amazon)

No Cost Gifts

  1. Handwritten Letter – This is a great no cost gift that is heartfelt and handmade. You could write a letter about how much you love you recipient or fill it with inside jokes, memories or whatever else you’d like. It costs nothing to show someone you care about them and this is a great way to show it. If you are meeting them at some point, you can just hand it to them but if you’re farther away, mailing it is best. Mailing does cost a little extra but will be worth it to show them you care.

    A Handwritten Letter (Image courtesy of Girl Scouts Heart of Central California)
  2. Custom Playlist – A custom playlist is a great no cost gift for a friend, significant other, family member, or someone you know who just loves music. You can personalize the playlist to their taste or give recommendations from your taste, or even make a theme for the playlist based on your relationship with them. There are so many possibilities with this gift and it’s all about creativity and taste.
  3. Doing Services for Them: Special Skills, Wash Car, or Shovel Driveway – This is a great gift for a parent who is constantly doing services for you, or someone you know that is very busy. If you have any special skills or something you love to such as cleaning, performing, or anything else you could also do that for them.  This gift is a great way to do for someone without having to spend any money and still show them you care.
  4. Cook or Bake for Them – If you love to cook or bake and they love to eat, you can’t go wrong with this one. You can make their favorite food or dessert or make something you know they’ll love. You can package it nicely and deliver it to their house for the perfect presentation. While the ingredients cost money, you can also choose a recipe using products you already have to make it more convenient and inexpensive as well.
  5. Heartfelt Video – To make this, there are many options you could choose from. If you are good at editing, this is a great option for you. Combining videos and pictures with your recipient and using music can put together a heartfelt video that shows your connection with them over time. If you are not as good at editing, you can make them a video of you telling them how much you care about them or talking about memories and inside jokes, much like a video letter. This costs absolutely nothing and you can email or text it to them.

Last-Minute Gifts

  1. Water Bottle with Candy Inside – This is an easy gift you can put together through your local drug or department store or have the items delivered as well. You can choose the recipients favorite candy and put it in a water bottle, jar or anything else you’d like. You could even paint the bottle to customize it. This is an easy and last minute gift that can be customized to anyone.
  2. Blue Light GlassesBlue light glasses have gained popularity recently, especially with the pandemic and so many being online. Since students and parents are constantly on a screen looking at a blue light, these glasses help relieve tension and headaches caused by this. There are many types of lenses, so you can find one that suits everyone.

    Blue Light Glasses (Image courtesy of WebMD)
  3. Their Favorite Snacks – Get them something you know they’ll love. Purchase a bunch of their favorite snacks such as candy, chips, chocolate, cookies and whatever falls in between, they’ll be sure to love.
  4. Mugs with Tea bags, Coffee Beans, Hot Cocoa Mix – This is a great gift for anyone who drinks coffee, hot cocoa or tea, which is almost everyone! You can a buy a nice mug and put tea bags, coffee beans or hot cocoa mix inside to make it a cute and easy gift that will present nicely.
  5. Stuffed Animal – This is an easy and cute gift idea for all ages. This is something that could remind them of you for a long time, and if they’re younger they can cherish and play with it. You can even personalize it more by adding chocolate or food or even make it hold a letter from you. Click here to view some options purchasing for stuffed animals.

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