Eight ways to have a fun online party


White Ops – I Wanna Dance with Zoom-body

Ava Movsessian

The times that we are in right now are tough. Covid has really taken a toll on social gatherings, especially parties. Instead of being sad about the situation, you can take advantage of it and have a fun online party. It may sound silly but it is possible. Here are some ways to change up your usual routine to have a fun time with some friends.

1. Create a theme

The Crosbys – Disney Princess Zoom Call

To make things a little exciting, you can coordinate a theme between all of your friends. It could be “Under the Sea”, “Fancy Dress”, or “Disney Characters”. By dressing up and changing your background, you can really spice up the call.

2. Play a game

Brian Sipe – Sipe/Coleman/Breuer Family Feud Zoom Edition

You can have somebody share their screen and present an online game. Some fun ones are Family Feud, Pictionary, and Bingo. To find fun games you may have to do some digging. To help you out here are the links to Family Feud and Bingo. Some games have adapted to fit the COVID lifestyle and even allow you all to play on the same screen by sharing a game pin. One well-known game that has done this is Among Us.

3. Have a cook-off

Delish – Zoom Call Cooking Challenge: Amateurs Try To Bake Cheesecake

Set up your cameras at an angle so everyone can see your workspace. Then, dazzle your friends with your culinary skills. Everyone can do the same recipe, then they can compare whose comes out the best, or do different variants of the same recipe and have someone judge whose comes out the best (by the presentation of course). If you just want to have a cooking party though, you can. There are no restrictions on what dishes you can create. You can even drop some off at everyone’s houses later as a special treat.

4. Make a TikTok

Peter Schillaci – Atomic Zoom Call, Pass it on

There are some videos that have gone around where everyone passes an item around on zoom based on where their box is. You can do this and get creative. Some people pass around pens, and others pass around drinks. This trend has even become popular for advertising. If you run out of ideas head onto TikTok and I am sure that you will not be disappointed. There even a chance you could go viral.

5. Make A Fun Presentation

Lauren Natalie – POWERPOINT PARTY! (w/ my friends via zoom)

Have everyone in your party pick a topic a few days in advance and then have everyone give a presentation on that topic. You can do a presentation about ANYTHING. Some people take this idea further and do presentations concerning each member of their friend group’s life: “Where would I see every one of you in the next ten years?” and “Which actor would play who in a movie?”.

6. Watch A Movie

ItsTrixTV – Virtual Watch Party With Friends | How to Watch Netflix with Friends in Zoom | Watch Movies in Zoom

Pop some popcorn, get comfortable, and enjoy a movie that you can laugh along with your friends too. At first, people struggled to find a way to play a movie from Netflix or Disney+ through Zoom but don’t worry, Youtube has you covered. Click here to find out how to watch a movie from Netflix over Zoom.

7. Just Dance

White Ops – I Wanna Dance with Zoom-body

It may sound ridiculous but why not? Someone can play preferred music and then everybody can get grooving. It’s not like we all don’t dance alone in our rooms, why not allow that to be part of the party?

8. Do a fancy house tour

Shonda Mulcahey – Learn How to Do a Color Street ZOOM Nail Bar

Even if everyone on the call has seen your house before, don’t let that stop you. You can really let your creative juices flow and pretend to be a museum guide. Show a place in your house and then tell everyone what it really means to you. Maybe a corner is not just a corner, but the place where your Christmas tree goes up every year bringing life and happiness to your house. You just have to overdo yourself and have fun.