Blossom queen addresses graduates

By Natalie Holz
Staff Writer

Maggie Maguire knew that she wanted to be the one to give the graduation speech since her junior year. She collected ideas, and soon knew the point she wanted to bring across.

After writing her speech, she turned it in to her class advisors. She was one of eight seniors who applied to give the speech.

For auditions, they had to give their speech in front of the class advisors, a council of teachers and Jim Antonelli.

Maguire is no stranger to the spotlight, though. She has stared in many Westford Academy Theater Arts productions and was crowned Apple Blossom Queen in May.

She has been nervous about the delivery of her speech, but said that afterwards, she felt relieved. She was especially anxious because she was not able to hear the other speeches since she had a college visit on the day of auditions.

Maguire waited for an answer from the school, unsure what the competition was like.

She said, “I heard only one other speech. I had no idea what was out there.”

Maguire said that she had confidence in her speech, though, because of her mother’s reaction.

“She was my grammar check,” said Maguire.

When Kate Maguire read her daughter’s speech, she started crying. After five days she received a letter in the mail saying that her dream would come true.

Maguire is excited to share her message with the Class of 2009 at the graduation ceremony this June.