Stow cuts back

By Ashley Wright
Public Relations Editor

Every year we see a couple teachers move on from WA and retire. Our own Anne Stow, a math teacher, is instead cutting back to one class.

Working at WA for 35 years, Stow has really experienced how our school operates. As well as working, she also graduated from WA.

She explains her first day as a teacher as “overwhelming.” Though knowing some of the faculty as previous teachers, she felt she had an edge.

In fact, some of our own WA teachers influenced Stow to choose to become a teacher.

“Teachers at Westford Academy really made an impression on me and I decided in my senior year I wanted to become a teacher,” she said.

Stow said that WA has provided so many great memories for her. Many students and teachers had a great impact on her and she has really enjoyed having students come back and visit her to tell them about their time in college.

Stow plans to relax after downsizing to one class. One thing she says she will not miss is waking up at five in the morning.

On the other hand, she says that WA is a home to her and she will greatly miss that.