Top 5 foods at the Strawberries N’ Arts Festival


Mehul Shrivastava

Springdell Farms sells their fresh, handpicked strawberries.

Kavya Desikan, Editor

The Westford Strawberries N’ Arts Festival is an annual event which takes place in the Westford Common that showcases great local food and art. Hosted by the First Parish Church United of Westford, it is one of the largest events in Westford. Read more about it here.

Here are my favorite foods from the festival ranked:

1. Hubba’s Real Pit BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

You can’t ever go wrong with a good pulled pork sandwich, especially on such a nice sunny day like the one at the festival. The pork was well-seasoned a flavorful, a good summer staple. You can try it year-round in Westford on Littleton Road.

2. Hawaiian Ice

Nothing beats some Hawaiian Ice when you’re trying to beat the heat. Hawaiian Ice at the Strawberries N’ Arts festival was a perfect solution to escape the hot summer heat. The flavors were customizable, and feature more than your standard snow-cone flavors. The best part, however, was how light the syrup was. It wasn’t sickly sweet and didn’t have any additives such as high fructose corn syrup.

3. Strawberries from Springdale Farms

What’s a strawberry festival without strawberries? Springdale farms bought the much-beloved handpicked strawberries to the masses at the Strawberries N’ Arts Festival. While the strawberries were fresh, they did lack a bit of the sweetness due to the earliness in the season.

4. Fudge from Sweetest Memories, Inc.

Sweetest Memories provided a solution to everyone’s sweet tooth and featured an array of delicious fudge flavors to choose from. While they were delicious, it really wasn’t great weather to be selling fudge, which is how it lost some points due to messiness. You can try their fudge year-round in Lowell on Mammoth Road, and you can even get bulk orders, too!

5. Strawberry Shortcake

Like every year, the FPCU made fresh strawberry shortcake using local strawberries. While it was popular, I found it average at best. The shortcake biscuit was too salty and did not compliment the strawberries at all as the strawberries were not sweet enough either. The biscuit was also heavy and extremely dry, making the lemonade it came with more useful than it should have been.