“What Separates Me From You”, or From A Day To Remember

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By Ethan Walshe
Staff Writer

Album art for “What Separates Me From You”

A Day To Remember are back and as good as ever with the release of their fourth studio album What Separates Me From You, which is set to drop on November 16th through Victory Records. The album is the follow-up to 2009’s highly acclaimed Homesick.

ADTR is a pop-punk/post-hardcore band hailing from Ocala, Florida. The band is known very well for their seamless blending of two genres of music that you would not normally think would blend well together.

Having already established themselves with Homesick which appreared at #21 on the Billboard Top 200 Listings and #1 on the Top Independent Albums, A Day to Remember set out to outdo themselves on this new record.

This album took a slightly different path than the previous releases from the quintet, leaning more towards the pop-punk aspect of their music, possibly in order to acquire more of a mainstream presence in order to get more publicity from the general public . Nevertheless, the album opens up with the heavy track “Sticks & Bricks”, a taste of the old A Day to Remember with some newer aspects blended in as well. The rest of the album follows the more pop-punk side of the band, such as the album’s first single “All I Want”, which was released on October 7th.

As the album continues through its ten tracks, it can really be seen how the band has refined their musical style as the years have gone on. They have gone from being a heavier post-hardcore band to a more mellowed-out pop-punk band, but the fact remains; they can still produce music that will appeal to their fans, both new and old. That is a skill that not many bands can consistently accomplish.

Notable tracks on this album include “Sticks & Bricks”, “2nd Sucks”, and “All Signs Point to Lauderdale”.

With What Separates Me From You sounding like it does, the fan base of A Day to Remember is sure to widen. The new album will most likely receive even more attention than Homesick.