Brickhouse pizza sub par

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The pizza that was surprisingly disappointing

The pizza that was not as good as expected

 By Andrew Friel
Staff Writer

Brickhouse Center Pizza, not to be confused with Brickhouse Pizza in North Chelmsford, is located at 1 Central Square in the center of Chelmsford. This is a pizzeria, serving pizzas, other Italian food, and classic pizzeria fare as well. The Ghostwriter had a chance to sample of variety of items at Brickhouse recently.

When first entering the restaurant, you are greeted by an employee  at a small host station next to the open kitchen. We were told we could sit anywhere in Brickhouse’s two levels of dining space. The bottom has a bar and dining space surrounding it, the biggest of the two spaces. The upstairs area is a bit smaller with several TVs surrounding this dining room. The bathrooms are located adjacent to the upstairs dining area. Parking is limited at this restaurant, making it difficult to access the entrance on a busy day.

Opting to sit in the upstairs area is a great decision on a busy afternoon such as the one we visited on, as the space surrounding the bar were full on this particular day. Upon sitting down, we learned that this location serves breakfast until about noon when lunch items are able to be ordered. Our server took a bit longer to take our drink orders since they did not seat us personally, which is different than most restaurants.

We began by ordering a lemonade and water, which is among the many drinks available around lunch time at this joint.

When beginning to look at the menu, we discovered this restaurant’s sprawling selection of items, offering anything from the normal pizzeria fare, to pasta and burgers. We chose three slices of hamburger pizza, a side of onion rings and French fries, and chicken tenders.

The food came out rather fast considering the crowd during that afternoon.

We began by sampling the slices of hamburger pizza and we were frankly a bit let down by the quality. The crust was a bit hard to eat  because it was slightly overcooked and there was an overwhelming amount of meat on each slice. While we did not get to sample the other types of pizza offered, we recommend that you try other types and the fact that there was hamburger on this particular type may have contributed to the how done it was.

The outrageously crispy onion rings

The outrageously crispy onion rings

We moved on to the sides of onion rings and French fries. These were surprisingly very good. The fries had a nice seasoning of salt and pepper and were both crispy and soft. The onion rings were also a big hit. They were large, hearty, and crispy. Unlike other onion rings you may have had in the past, these do not break apart and the onion itself does not fall out, but rather they stay together for a great ring.

Finally, we tried our other main dish, the chicken tenders. These tenders were full of flavor and would be great with or without a sauce for dipping. They were piping hot and were, of course, very tender. These would be great with a pizza or to share with friends.

In the end, the bill came out to about $40. On a bit of the pricey side, this joint would be somewhere you would want to go to not as often but for a relaxed, causal dining atmosphere to watch a game or to just meet some friends on a Friday or Saturday night;.

Overall, while we were disappointed by the quality of the pizza, this place was definitely worth giving the pizza one more try. However, we can say less uncertainly that this would be a great place to get non-pizza items to enjoy with family or friends.

Check out the full slideshow below with all the pictures from the Ghostwriter’s dining experience! Photos by Ben Walker