Musicians Perform in Winter Concert

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The orchestra prepares to play a piece.

The orchestra prepares to play a piece.

On Wednesday December 10th at 7 pm, the Westford Academy bands, orchestras, and choirs entertained an audience of parents, relatives, and students in the PAC.

The show kicked off with rousing and loud pieces from the Grey Ghost marching band. This performance opened up the show on a high note and led into the first official act of the evening.

The combined efforts of the honors and regular choirs, with conducting from Karen St. George, brought the audience pieces such as Paul McCartney’s “Yesterday,” holiday favorites including “White Winter Hymnal,” and even more unique pieces like “Tshotsholoza.” That piece was a traditional South African piece, headlined by a duet from two vocalists.

Following the choirs, the induction ceremony for the Tri M Music Honor Society was held. Several candidates were pledged into the society, and current members renewed their membership by being involved in the ceremony as well. Thomas Chen, the president of Chapter 4351 of the society spoke, as well as the vice president. Secretary Allie Mooney led the candidates and current members in the pledge of the society. After this, the candidates were informed that their membership cards and emblems were in the mail, and were jokingly told to step forward to receive some handshakes instead.

One short intermission occurred to set up for the next act, which was the concert band. They played one piece named “The Syncopated Clock” by Leroy Anderson. Following them, the combined bands joined forces to play a three part piece entitled “Folk Song Suite.” Each portion of the piece offered a different mood for the audience to feel, making unique to other pieces played throughout the night.

To round out the band portion of the night, the symphonic band played two pieces, one from a musical selection from the play “West Side Story,” and the other piece was “Arabesque” by Samuel R. Hazo.

Prior to one final intermission before the conclusion of the concert, Ron Gagnon, the president of FAME (Friends advancing Music Education), spoke a few words about the events that the organization holds such as the FAME Dinner Dance and music café. He also congratulated the students on the job well done up to that point and also thanked the teachers involved in making these productions happen.

For the final performance of the night, the WA orchestras made an appearance on stage. The orchestras played on their own for some parts of the overall performance, while for some sections, they combined with each other to play as one unit. In all, the orchestras played seven pieces, according to the program. Led by Ken Culver, the group played jazz pieces like “A Walk in the Park” by Sue Roberts, and played more dramatic pieces such as “Serenade in E Major 1st Mvt. Moderato”.

The concert went as smoothly as planned and the general mood from the spectators and performers as the exited the school was overall delight and a feeling of accomplishment and success.

All in all, band director George Arsenault felt that the concert was a generally job well-done by all involved.

“Tonight was wonderful. It worked logistically, it worked artistically, and the students did a wonderful job and really represented Westford Academy well.”, said Arsenault.