Zesty’s Offers Value, Good Taste

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By Andrew Friel & Ben Walker
Staff Writers

Zesty's small Cheese Pizza

Zesty’s small Cheese Pizza

Zesty’s Pizza on 14 Fletcher Street in the center of Chelmsford was first created in 1981 by owner Ted Rokas. Ever since, the restaurant has opened two locations in the Chelmsford area; one is on Fletcher Street and one is in Vinal Square. This pizza place offers delivery to certain locations, however many Westford residents will not be in that area. Furthermore, they offer a very popular call and pickup service, making it easy for out-of-town guests to enjoy the food.

The Ghostwriter had a chance to dine at the Fletcher Street location recently and overall thought it was a pretty decent meal. The value was extremely fair for what was given, as we ordered three small items and two drinks and spent under $25. Also, the variety of the menu was amazing, with so many options to choose from, giving you a great chance to find something you like to eat.

Walking in, diners are greeted with a relaxed, casual, and rather quiet atmosphere. Each sector of the establishment has HD TVs for the viewing of sports and daily news. This type of environment is very attractive for not only teens but also busy working parents who want a meal after a long day at work and either want to dine in or order takeout for the whole family.

The process of ordering was very simple and efficient, with generally friendly staff but nothing too special. Upon ordering, we were told our food would be brought to where we were sitting which was definitely a plus.

All of our food came out in about 5-10 minutes after we had ordered. However, the pizza did not come out for another few minutes after the rest of our food. We were a bit upset by this as the other food we ordered had been almost finished before even starting the pizza.

The items that the Ghostwriter sampled were the small cheese pizza, a small steak and cheese sub, the chicken finger dinner, as well as one small cookie monster gelato and one small mint chip gelato.

The first thing we tasted was the chicken tender dinner. This meal had several pieces of fried chicken, onion rings, and fries. The chicken was well fried and tender, but could have been a bit crispier. There were plenty of fries but there could have been more onion rings. Overall, we found this to be appetite-pleasing in the end.

Next, we sampled the steak and cheese sub. The sub was at a very good temperature with plentiful amounts of both shredded steak and melted cheese. The bread that these items were on was pleasantly toasted, adding a nice crunch to round out an overall solid sub sandwich.

Finally, for entrees, the pizza was sampled. First reactions to the small cheese pie were just about mediocre. The sauce was satisfactory and the crust was deemed well cooked. However, this cheese pizza was given the verdict of just tasting alright and was nothing to write home about. Admittedly, it had very good slice sizes considering the size of the entire pie. This pizza was determined as just a decent pizza and that there are better options in the area in regards to pizza quality.

One sweet way to close out your meal at Zesty’s is unique to other places in its competitors. They offer many flavors of gelato which can be bought in two sizes. We decided to try two small portions. One cookie monster and one mint chip were the chosen flavors.

Cookie Monster is a very unique flavor, as it has chunks of Oreo and chocolate chip cookies and is dyed blue to represent the popular Sesame Street character. This flavor has a very sweet taste with a good balance of cookie chunks to gelato. The cookies inside of course tasted very good. This was a pleasing flavor to end a meal with.

The mint chip flavor was very good in regards to its taste, however the toppings amount needed to be improved. Had more chocolate chips been put into this flavor, the taste would be more pleasing as it would give a better balance between the mint and chocolate.

Both gelatos had a great value and the small size was much bigger than expected. We spent about $7 for both combined.

In conclusion, the Ghostwriter decided that this was an overall solid location to consume a meal on a weekend afternoon or on a Friday night with some friends. This pizza joint had affordable items which were generally tasty, and offered consistent service throughout the dining experience.

The Fletcher Street location can be reached for pick up or deliver at 978-256-8863. They can also be found at their website.