Testing in P.E

By John Devereaux

WABC Liaison 

For the past couple of years Westford Academy Physical Education class give out a small test on each activity that they offer through the class. Each test has it’s own questions on the sport that the student participated in and some questions on the particular topic such as Teamwork, Locomotive movements, ect.

The tests that they give out is made up of a handful of multiple choice questions , then followed by a few short answers about the topic and activity that the students had recently participated in.

At the end of the Semester, the P.E teachers will give out a test on all the topics that they taught you through the course. In this test students will have to answer multiple choice questions, a few short answers and a five paragraph essay. The multiple choice questions are taken from each activity that the students have participated. Not all students do every activity, so they base the activity questions on the topic of the activities.

The short answers of the gym Final are to see if a student can properly answer each question with a small response. The essay portion of the gym Final is based on an activity that a student had participated that semester. The topics of the essay ask a student to pick an event from an activity and tell them to describe the event with as much detail as they can.

“It’s a little ridiculous, its just basic information” Said Senior Eric Caminero.

Physical Education director Sean O’Leary explained that they keep handing out the tests to examine if the students are retaining the knowledge that the teachers are giving them.

The tests he said weren’t meant to be difficult, he elaborated that they were specifically brought into the curriculum to see the results of students knowledge of what has been taught during their activity. O’Leary explained that he knows along with many physical education teachers that most students don’t study for the tests and finals.

In past years any students with above a 90 average would be except from this final. But over the course of the years the department only slimmed it down to seniors.

Along with slimming down the chances of being except, they added more questions to enhance the learning experience. They added more questions on each topic and added a writing prompt.

When speaking to physical education teachers Mr. Bunyon and Mr. Gendron they both agreed that these tests, and the final are useful. That no changes are needed to be added to improve the curriculum, for the time being.