Mangia Mangia offers savory Italian cuisine

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By Jocelyn Cote
Reviews Editor & 
Anastasha Echavarri
News Editor

Mangia Mangia is one of the newest eating establishments in Westford.

Mangia Mangia, located at 142 Littleton Road in Westford, is one of the town’s newest eateries. The restaurant replaced the now-defunct Westford Grille earlier this year.

Specializing in Italian cuisine, Mangia Mangia is medium-sized with multiple dining rooms which are used depending on the restaurant’s current occupancy. The rooms are well-lit and colorful with various Italian decor adorning the walls, creating an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming.

Mangia Mangia’s wait staff is fast and friendly. Bread was served at the start of the meal. Although the bread was cold, it was served with a unique blend of oil, pepper, and cheese for dipping.

The restaurant offers a variety of classic Italian appetizers to start a meal. The toasted ravioli appetizer was excellent – it consisted of lightly breaded cheese ravioli topped with ricotta cheese and seasoned with herbs, served with marinara sauce. The raviolis were overflowing with cheese and the breading was perfectly applied.

The restaurant’s entrée menu is split into six categories: Salads, Pizza, Mangia Favorites, Saute Sensations, Italian Traditions, and Sandwiches. They also offer daily specials. Although overall the menu is a bit pricy, there is obviously great care put into every meal, justifying the price.

The ravioli parmigiana is one of the many entrées offered by Mangia Mangia. It consists of a heaping plate of cheese ravioli, topped with ricotta, marinara sauce, and the diner’s choice of meatballs or Italian sausage. Like the toasted ravioli, the pasta pillows were teeming with cheese and cooked perfectly. The sausage was especially impressive – the meal was served with two full links that were sweet enough, but not overpowering, and had very little gristle.

The ricotta gnocchi was simple, filling, and satisfying. Served on a large plate, the gnocchi was covered in lots of marinara sauce and came with either meatballs or sausages. The meatballs, both rich and savory, contrasted nicely with the sweet gnocchi. This meal was one of the cheapest dishes by far and it’s a bargain if you love cheese and heaps of marinara.

For after a meal, Mangia Mangia also offers a small dessert menu.

Overall, Mangia Mangia is an excellent addition to Westford’s restaurant scene. Although it is in somewhat of a poor and out-of-the-way location, customers who were previously familiar with the Westford Grille should be able to find the establishment easily.  Entrée prices are a bit steep, but fit the quality of the food appropriately.

The restaurant’s atmosphere would be appropriate for a date or small gathering between family and friends, rather than a large group of people having a late lunch after school.