Bixbite: A Recently Uncovered Treasure

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By Jocelyn Cote and Haley Verre

Staff Writers

A gem of a restaurant has popped up in Westford – Bixbite, a small but cozy eatery located in the Westford Plaza at 175 Littleton Road. Bixbite has a classic New England-style vibe and specializes in “comfort foods” that range from burgers to seafood. The Ghostwriter stopped by Bixbite for dinner recently and thoroughly enjoyed the visit.

Bixbite has a calm and romantic atmosphere, with nice decor, a warm color scheme, and tables lit by candlelight. Friendly staff members were eager to take our orders and provide us with complete satisfaction. Unfitting music playing in the background (i.e. Katy Perry and Donna Summers) killed the mood a bit, but otherwise the restaurant had a very pleasant ambiance.

Bread was provided at the start of the meal. Bixbite also offers soups, chowders, and appetizers to start a meal. The homemade seafood chowder was creamy and rich, and teemed with lobster, scallops, and potatoes. This was impressive for a local restaurant and fitting for the comfort food theme.

Bixbite’s dinner menu consists of three main categories: salads and sandwiches, entrées from the land, and entrées from the sea. Although the latter is a bit on the expensive side, the restaurant’s other meals are priced fairly compared to portion size.

The “Gem Salad”, consisting of fresh field greens, cantaloupe, avocado, sliced almonds, and red onions, was one of the more unique meals. The sweet and sour raspberry vinaigrette perfectly complemented the summer salad.

Another entrée, the “New England Burger,” consisted of a juicy, thick hamburger patty topped with smoked bacon, Vermont cheddar cheese, and barbeque sauce. The burger was served with a dill pickle and the customer’s choice of regular or sweet potato fries.

Options for dessert included french vanilla ice cream, homemade warm bread pudding, New York style cheesecake, and the popular “Chocolate Nemesis”. Portion sizes for dessert were just small enough to not make the customer too full (with the exception of the Chocolate Nemesis).

The cheesecake was made with a rich, tangy filling and a thin, buttery crust. The sweet strawberry sauce drizzled on top helped to make this dessert nearly perfect.

Chocolate Nemesis was one of the highlights of the night. Although on the smaller side, it proved to be so rich that we had to split it! It consisted of layers upon layers of fudgy chocolate, chocolate sauce, and chocolate shavings.

Overall, Bixbite is a great new restaurant. Because of the establishment’s small size and pricing, however, we wouldn’t recommend bringing a large group of friends for an after-school snack. Having said this, Bixbite  would be a perfect place to bring a date for an evening dinner for two.