Westford Academy’s Food for Thought

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By Jocelyn Cote
Staff Writer

In October, National Public Radio ran a segment on author and celebrity photographer Melanie Dunea. For her 2007 book My Last Supper and newly-released sequel My Last Supper: The Next Course, Dunea interviewed fifty famous chefs from across the globe and posed them all the same question: “What would you like your last meal to be?”

Answers varied from extravagant, multiple-course banquets filled with truffles and caviar to simply a plate of mom’s fried chicken and homemade gravy.

A few Westford Academy students were asked the very same question, and the answers were just as varied. For example, freshman Danielle St. Pierre would simply want a fresh garden salad. Other students would prefer to chow down on a plate of steaming potato wedges, a juicy steak dinner, or a whole pizza.

The Ghostwriter would like to know what your last meal would be. Let us know your gustatory dreams by leaving a comment below.