Miracle On Lansdowne Street Delights Boston Concert-Goers

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By Jocelyn Cote
Staff Writer

On Wednesday night, a crowd of hundreds gathered in frigid temperatures outside Boston’s House of Blues, eagerly anticipating the annual “Miracle On Lansdowne Street” sponsored by local alternative radio station WFNX. This was the first of three shows that make up the event, which spans over a period of two weeks.

Headlining the show were indie rockers Two Door Cinema Club, hailing from Northern Ireland, with Manhattan indie pop duo Cults opening.

After the doors were opened, the floor filled up fast, all the way to the back wall of the venue. Other patrons gazed down from the mezzanine and upper balconies while roadies began to prepare the stage with Cults’ equipment.



As Cults took the stage, the crowd went into an uproar. Although the band is technically a duo, they bring along three extra touring members to help fill the gaps in their guitar, percussion, and bass sections. Lead singer Madeline Follin announced that this would be their last show of the year, and also touring drummer Marc Deriso’s final show with the band. Some concert-goers seemed more in tune with Cults than others, but as a whole they did their job in getting the crowd riled up for the show’s headliner.

The stage was once again assumed by roadies, but soon the lights went down and Two Door Cinema Club finally took the stage as screams of joy erupted from the audience.

The band opened with “Cigarettes In the Theatre,” which also opens their successful debut album, Tourist History. Fans were up on their feet and dancing immediately as lead guitarist Sam Halliday strummed the song’s first chords. Subsequently, lead singer and rhythm guitarist Alex Trimble began his duty as vocalist as the crowd went wild.

The setlist derived heavily from their aforementioned debut album, with a few b-sides and rarities such as “Hands Off My Cash, Monty” and “Kids” thrown in for good measure. The band also took time to praise the crowd on their enthusiasm and revealed how Boston was one of their favorite cities to play in. They also revealed their plans to return to the studio in January to record their long-awaited sophomore album, and treated the crowd to a sneak preview by playing new songs “Handshake,” “This is Moon,” and “Sleep Alone.”

Long-time fans of the band enjoyed lesser-played songs from Tourist History such as “Eat That Up, It’s Good for You” and “You’re Not Stubborn,” while others belted out the lyrics to current singles “Undercover Martyn” and “What You Know,” the band’s most popular song and main set closer.

Alex Trimble of Two Door Cinema Club

After cries for an encore from their adoring fans, the band returned to the stage one last time for a three-song encore comprising of “Come Back Home” and “Sleep Alone,” and finally closing with the fast-paced fan-favorite “I Can Talk,” during which a small mosh pit ensued. As Two Door Cinema Club walked offstage for the final time, the crowd dispersed with ringing ears and grins on their faces, while a brave few clung to the barriers in hopes of receiving one of the four setlists from a roadie.

Altogether, Two Door Cinema Club delivered an upbeat and unforgettable show, with many fans already looking forward to their next appearance in Boston.

The Miracle On Lansdowne Street continues on December 9th with Matt and Kim and Mutemath performing, and on December 10th with Beady Eye and Black Box Revelation performing, both at the House of Blues.


Author’s note: for more photos from the night, check out my set on Flickr.